Issue 19 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: December
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 19
Language: English

Issue 19 - 1986
Issue 19 - 1986



Orko the Magician
Orko tries to help Man-At-Arms with target practice in this issue's brief comedy strip.

Feature Story 1: "Buzz-Wheel of Destruction"
Two Bad invents a buzz-wheel and he assures Skeletor it will work better than the Crawl Bomb (in issue #7). He-Man is attending a ceremony at a small village, when the buzz-wheel comes rolling towards him. He fights against it, and finds that it seems to be following him wherever he goes. He lures it away from the village, but it turns out that it is not following him- but is heading for Eternos city! But he solves the problem by pulling out a tree trunk, and forming a trench in the ground with the trunk, leading the wheel back towards Snake Mountain. When Two Bad sees it approaching, he has no choice but to press the auto-destruct button on the control panel, and succumbs once again to the wrath of Skeletor!

Master Mail
More MOTU questions and answers.

Feature Story 2: "When Strikes Konzilla!"
Skeletor and Beast Man go to the Island of Monsters, where Skeletor intends to find a demon called Konzilla to help him destroy He-Man. When they find him, Beast Man places him under his powers and commands him to destroy He-Man. Konzilla attacks He-Man, Buzz-Off and Sy-Klone, who seem to stand no chance. Skeletor and Beast Man watch in triumph, but then Beast Man starts to blackmail Skeletor, saying that he will release Konzilla from his power unless Skeletor promises to let him rule by his side. Angrily, Skeletor blasts Beast Man with the havoc staff, but in doing so he breaks Beast Man's control over Konzilla, and the monster changes sides and reveals to the heroic warriors that he only attacked them because he was under Skeletor's spell. Skeletor and Beast Man retreat, and Konzilla bades farewell to the heroic warriors and returns to the Island of Monsters.

Feature Story 3: "Ghost of He-Man"
Fisto and Moss Man are sent to Snake Mountain by King Randor, to spy on Skeletor. But when they get there, they find that Skeletor has somehow learned that they were sent there! They return and tell King Randor, who realises that someone at the palace must be a traitor, who warned Skeletor. He-Man, Teela and Fisto go to Snake Mountain to find out for themselves, but once again Skeletor appears in a hologram, and makes He-Man vanish into thin air. The hologram of Skeletor then vanishes, but Fisto and Teela are convinced that He-Man is dead. Back at the palace, they host a memorial to He-Man, but then they see a strange note on the wall, signed by He-Man- saying that he will reveal who the traitor is! Then a ghostly voice fills the room, claiming to be the ghost of He-Man. Then the image of He-Man appears, glowing with an immensely bright aura, and exposes the traitor, who is one of the sentries. The traitor is taken to the dungeon, and then He-Man drinks a special potion, and the glow vanishes. He then reveals that when he disappeared at Snake Mountain, he had in fact bitten an invisibility capsule, and then returned to the palace to trick the spy into revealing himself- and he painted the ghostly message on the wall when no-one was looking, and the glow was produced by luminous paint, while he created the strange voice by speaking through a large sea-shell. When the news travels that He-Man is not dead after all, Skeletor is incredibly angry, and is mocked throughout Eternia!

(A good issue. I liked it when they did experimental stories like "Ghost of He-Man"- it's a little far-fetched, but it's great!)

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