Issue 24 - 1987
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: February
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 24
Language: English

Issue 24 - 1987
Issue 24 - 1987


The Scroll of Scrollos on the opening page makes yet another lame attempt at advertising the She-Ra comic- which was clearly selling very poorly, as the MOTU comic just wouldn't give up trying to advertise it. It advertises the issue which was to be the last, but gives no indication of this, suggesting that the comic was discontinued abruptly.

Orko the Magician
This issue's strip features Orko trying to make a big stone disappear.

Feature Story 1: "The Slave of Skeletor, part 1"
First part of another 2-part story. A criminal called Barton is being chased through space by the interplanetary lawmen. Skeletor is curious, and brings Barton's ship down to Eternia, and forces Barton to tell hima bout his inventions. Barton reveals that he has a machine which will make people obey every word the holder says. Skeletor steals the device, intending to use it on He-Man. Skeletor sends Stinkor towards He-Man, and Stinkor overpowers him with his stench. He-Man recovers and follows Stinkor, but runs right into Skeletor's trap, and finds himself under the control of the mind machine! (Cont'd in part 2)

Master Mind
Instead of the letters page, this issue features 10 MOTU trivia questions.

Feature Story 2: "The Slave of Skeletor, part 2"
Skeletor takes He-Man back to Snake Mountain, and shows his warriors how He-Man will now do anything he says. But Battle Cat runs back to Eternos, and tells Sy-Klone, Fisto and Stonedar what has happened. They set out to find Skeletor and He-Man, and find Skeletor attempting to make He-Man destroy himself with his sword. He makes He-Man fire a bolt of power at himself, but the bolt of power instead restores He-Man's mind. Skeletor quickly uses the device to cloud He-Man's mind again, and he sets him towards the warriors- but having seen what happened, Fisto develops a cunning plan. He makes the warriors pretend to retreat, and hide in the Crystal Valley. He-Man comes towards them, and Fisto tricks He-Man into firing a blast at the crystal- which deflects the bolt back on He-Man, restoring his mind. He-Man makes Skeletor and his warriors flee, and Skeletor retreats to Snake Mountain, where he says he plans to use the device again. (Unfortunately, he never did, at least to our knowledge.)

Feature Story 3: "Super Trooper"
Hordak invents a new trooper which is invincible, and cannot be damaged by any force- and also has an incredible computer brain. He sets the trooper on He-Man, and the two battle. He-Man seems to stand no chance against the trooper's strength and power. But then he thinks up a cunning plan, and asks the trooper a question which As the darkness of the Dark Hemisphere grows darker, near the new Fright Zone, Hordak considers his latest scheme to defeat He-Man and the Masters once and for all. Soon, Hordak uses a portal to return to Etheria, where he appears inside one of his Horde Factories. Their he questions Lieutenant Doj, a human Horde Trooper, in charge of the factory. Lieutenant Doj reports that everything has been prepared to Hordak's satisfaction. Lieutenant Doj leads Hordak to a room, separate from the factory. Inside the room, Hordak finds his newest invention, the Horde Super Trooper, ready for his command. The Horde Super Trooper look like an ordinary Horde Trooper, but is twice the size of a normal trooper. Next, Hordak tests the Horde Super Trooper on a battalion of robotic Horde Troopers, in which he quickly defeats. Hordak is pleased with the Horde Super Trooper and readies him to destroy He-Man. Meanwhile, on Eternia, He-Man and Mekaneck have a friendly competition to see who could hit a bullseye with spears. While the two compete, they share old wars stories. Man-At-Arms comes rushing over to them and tells them, that a Eternos Scout, has reported to see Hordak near the Forest Of Doom, with a giant-sized Horde Trooper. Upon a Road Ripper, He-Man speeds to the Forest Of Doom, to stop the oncoming threat. Soon, He-Man arrives at the Forest Of Doom, where he meets the Horde Super Trooper face-to-face. He-Man uses a blast from the Sword Of Power, which has no effect on the mechanical menace. Next, the trooper uses the jet boosters on the bottom of his feet, to attack He-Man by ramming into him and knocking the Sword Of Power out of his hands. He-Man picks up a fallen tree a wackes the robot, with no effect. He-Man decides to use logic to confuse the trooper, causing his brain circuits to overload. He-Man picks up the Horde Super Trooper and throws him into outer space. Meanwhile, Hordak quickly escapes, knowing that he has been defeated. 

(He-Man turning evil, and an indestructible Horde Trooper- What more could you ask for?! A classic issue.)

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