Issue 25 - 1987
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: January
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 25
Language: English

Issue 25 - 1987
Issue 25 - 1987


Comic Panel: "Orko The Magnificent" - While gliding through the City Of Eternos, Orko is stopped by Hugil The Poet, who insists that he read his latest work to Orko. Hugil is an awful poet and Orko tries to avoid him at all costs. Orko wakes up in a cold sweat, realizing that it was just a "Bard" dream. 

Feature Story 1: "The Hole Thing" - At Snake Mountain, Skeletor sits upon his throne of bones, trying to think of a new scheme to take over Eternia. Stinkor says that he wishes that a hole would open up and swallow He-Man. With that comment, a plan arises in Skeletor's head. Skeletor rushes into the Catacombs of Snake Mountain to retrieve a Magical Hole, that grows larger as things are put into it. Skeletor and Stinkor begin to fill the whole with junk from the Catacombs and just like Skeletor expected, the whole grew larger. Skeletor sends Stinkor and Webstor into the Evergreen Forest to execute his current plan. A short time later, Mekaneck and Moss Man travel through the forest, where Stinkor and Webstor hide upon a large tree. As they pass, the two villains throw the Hole on the heroes, causing them to go inside the Hole. Meanwhile, He-Man, Orko and Stratos happen upon the same spot, where Webstor throws the Hole upon Orko, causing him to get caught inside. When Webstor charges He-Man, Webstor accidentally falls in the Hole, but soon escapes with his grappling hook. Stinkor uses his stench to disorientate He-Man and Stratos, who fall into the Hole. Inside the Hole, the two heroes fall upon a pile of junk, where the are reunited with their friends. Within the Hole, they meet a wizard named Yardaz, the Prime Wizard of the Unknown Dimension that they are in and the true owner of the Hole, which in reality is actually a portal. Skeletor had stolen the Hole from him years ago and trapped him inside. Moments later, Yardaz returns everything inside the Hole, including He-Man and his friends. Surprised, by what has happened, Skeletor realizes that his old enemy, Yardaz still exists. With that, the Evil Warriors retreat, leaving the Hole behind

Featrue Story 2: "Seeds of Doom!" - At Snake Mountain, Skeletor impatiently waits for the return of Beast Man, who he sent on a special mission. Moments later, the hulking Beast Man returns with the Settus Seed. Skeletor intends to use the Settus Seed to destroy Eternia, unless He-Man becomes his personal slave. Skeletor brings the Settus Seed to Two Bad, who is putting the finishing touches on his new, Rock-A-Spray Machine. The Rock-A-Spray Machine is intended to carry the Settus Seed over Eternos and release a mist that will cause alien plants to grow and with it, Skeletor will grow stronger. Meanwhile, He-Man helps Man-At-Arms move a heavy machine within Man-At-Arms' Laboratory. Suddenly, the two hear a strange sound outside the laboratory. They soon discover that it was a strange rocket, that had exploded on the palace grounds. He-Man quickly assembles a team to investigate. He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Sy-Klone and Buzz-Off discover a strange plant growing outside. As the plant becomes a tree, it begins to grow. He-Man decides to get rid of the thing before it's roots grow deeper into the ground, but is thrown backwards. The four begin to assault the tree, finding that it is too strong for them. Man-At-Arms suggests to use science rather than force. So He-Man cuts off it's source of obtaining Carbon Dioxide. As the heroes wait to see what was gonna happen, they decide to cut the roots, to cut-off it's supply of water. Since their plans of action have failed, the begin to regroup and come up with a new plan. Between He-Man and Man-At-Arms, they come up with a new plan of attack and He-Man readies to test their theory. By using a blast from the Sword Of Power, they find that their theory is correct and the tree was living by means of an alien bulb, which is destroyed. Within minutes, the tree withers away to nothing.

Feature Story 3: "Batmex Invasion!" - One evening, some of the Heroic Warriors and He-Man join King Randor and Queen Marlena for a meal. During the festivities, He-Man discovers that Buzz-Off is feeling down in the dumps. He-Man discovers that Buzz-Off is feeling, that he hasn't been much help to the Masters, since he joined them awhile back. He-Man convinces him that he is equally as much help as the other Masters. Meanwhile, in the new Fright Zone, Hordak opens a portal to Etheria, to bring more Horde Troopers to Eternia and a huge squad of Batmex. He decides to show the power of the Evil Horde, by destroying the Village Of The Ant People. After a swift attack from the Evil Horde, the Ant People quickly surrender, except for the one who is called Jandoon, who escapes and travels to the Royal Palace Of Eternos. At the Royal Palace, the Ant Man tells He-Man, what has happened to his village. Together, the Heroic Warriors travel to the Village Of The Ant People. As the heroes reach the village, Hordak is waiting for them with a squad Horde Troopers. As they are about to attack, they find that they have fallen into trap. A huge squad of Batmex reveal thenselves from their hiding place, behind the hills, behind Hordak. Because there are so many Batmex in the sky, the heroes begin to feel useless on the ground. He-Man is able to destroy one, once-in-a-while with a boulder, but that does not seem to be enough. Buzz-Off flies into the sky and begins to aggravate, the Horde Troopers, who are flying the Batmex. Buzz-Off manages to get all the Batmex to peruse him. He-Man realizes that Buzz-Off plans to bring the Batmex to them. When they are close enough, the Heroic Warriors unleash their fury. After Fisto's pounding punches, Man-At-Arms' Arm Cannon blasts, Ram Man's ramming and smashing, Moss Man's strangling plants and He-Man's sheer power, the Betmex lay in a heap of twisted metal. Angered by the defeat, Hordak transforms into a rocket and escapes.

Synopsis By: Clawful94

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