Issue 27 - 1987
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: March
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 27
Language: English

Issue 27 - 1987
Issue 27 - 1987


Orko the Magician
This issue's comedy strip features Orko messing up things with a spell, when trying to wrap up a present for his friend.

Feature Story 1: "Attack of the Snake Men"
He-Man is summoned to Grayskull by the Sorceress, who warns him that she fears the Snake Men will menace Eternia once again. She sure is right, because deep beneath Snake Mountain, Skeletor and Kobra Khan have uncovered the Cosmic Pool, which the Snake Men were cast into by the Elders. Skeletor uses the power from his staff to unleash the mighty King Hiss! But he is fooled by Hiss' human disguise, and believing him to be a normal human, tries to destroy him. His havoc staff has no effect, so he casts a spell to summon a powerful warrior to defeat King Hiss... but the spell calls He-Man! It turns out that King Hiss is evil after all, and he rips off his human skin to reveal his gruesome snake form. He uses his powers of hypnotism to put He-Man in a deep trance. (Cont'd in next story.)

Master Mail
This issue's letters page features a question about whether there will be Horde Trooper figures in the shops soon..... and does He-Man have a brother?

Feature Story 2: "Clan of the Viper"
Continued from "Attack of the Snake Men". As He-Man slowly regains his strength, King Hiss calls forth Tung Lashor and Rattlor from the cosmic pool. They attack He-Man just as he recovers, and steal his sword, giving it to King Hiss. King Hiss attempts to use the sword to open the portal between Eternia and the timeless dimension, where he is army is trapped. But He-Man makes a mighty effort and retrieves his sword, blocking the cosmic pool with a rock so no more Snake Men may be unleashed. He leaves to warn the heroic warriors about the Snake Men. King Hiss then vows to attempt to conquer Eternia again, and Kobra Khan joins the Snake Men to act as a spy for Skeletor. Skeletor and King Hiss vow to work together until He-Man is defeated, both secretly plotting to destroy the other afterwards.

Feature Story 3: "Grizzlor on Patrol"
HHHHHH!!!!!!!!! What on Earth was London Editions thinking of when they put this story on the storyboard?! Not only does it have terrible artwork, but the story is ridiculous and totally un-MOTU-ish- Grizzlor invades a village to collect taxes, and the village is too Earth-like, with simple, country folk portrayed for amusement (brings to mind the cartoon episode "Monster on the Mountain"). It ends with a joke with a beggar-man, which would be funny as a normal joke, but is no excuse for how bad the story is. Why didn't they just print the joke? A truly awful story.

Feature Story 4: "The Ballad of Frogg-Town"
Now if you thought "Grizzlor on Patrol" was bad..... AAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!! Who in god's name was crazy enough to even think of putting this, and the previous story, in the comic?! This two-page long dreadful excuse for a story is more of a ballad, told in rhyming form, with even the characters' dialogue rhyming- in a totally inappropriate 'olde English' style. The 'story' is about Fisto saving a village from Beast Man and Clawful- and it is the most truly awful, appalling, abysmal, dreadful, shambolic piece of crap that this brilliant comic series was ever, ever, ever, ever unfortunate enough to hold within its pages. And put together with "Grizzlor on Patrol" it's even worse. Avoid these stories at all costs!

Power Pin-Up
The first Power Pin-Up ever in the comic is Roboto. Luckily he's on the back of the last page of "The Ballad of Frogg-Town" so you can stick the poster up and rip the last page of that awful story out!!!!!

(The Snake Men introduction story is great, and would normally have got this issue a high rating, but the last two lame excuses for stories are so truly abysmal that they lose this issue three stars.)

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Comic PosterFree gift: Board Game Action FiguresPinup
Comic PosterFree gift: Board Game Action FiguresPinup
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