Issue 32 - 1987
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: June
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 32
Language: English

Issue 32 - 1987
Issue 32 - 1987


Feature Story 1: "The Mantisaur, part 1"
Man-At-Arms has invented a new weapon called the Megalaser, and some new Stilt Stalkers. He has decided that the heroic warriors need better weapons now that he has found about Hordak's new invention, a vehicle called the Mantisaur. Adam changes into He-Man, and he and Man-At-Arms go to the Fright Zone,w ith the Stilt Stalkers and Megalaser, in the hope of destroying Hordak's Mantisaur before he can cause any damage. But as they travel to the Fright Zone, Dragstor spies on them, and goes off to report to Hordak. Before long, the warriors find themselves confronted by an army of Horde Troopers..... just before Hordak himself appears, on board the Mantisaur! (cont'd in next story)

Master Mail
This issue's letters page contains a commonly asked question- is Screeech really Evil-Lyn? Of course, the answer is no!

Feature Story 2: "The Mantisaur, part 2" (Cont'd from previous story)
Hordak traps Man-At-Arms in the claws of the Mantisaur. He-Man just manages to free him, by throwing one of the Stilt Stalkers at the Mantisaur. As Man-At-Arms uses the Megalaser to deal with the Troopers, He-Man attempts to fight the Mantisaur- but Hordak catches him in its clutches. He-Man swings out of danger, and knocks a trooper blast towards Hordak. The blast hits Hordak in the face..... but strangely, it burns half of his head away. Inside Hordak's head, He-Man sees electric curcuits- this is not the real Hordak, but a robot to test out the Mantisaur! Now that he does not have to worry about hurting Hordak too badly, He-Man lifts the Mantisaur and throws it onto its back, crushing both the machine and the Hordak robot completely. Man-At-Arms then returns, having driven the troopers away. When he sees what looks like Hordak's arm sticking out from the rubble, he thinks Hordak has been defeated- but He-Man explains that it was just a robot, with equipment inside to enable the real Hordak to spy on them as they fought it. So now Hordak will know what kind of techniques He-Man can use to defeat the Mantisaur..... He-Man must watch out for the next attack, with Hordak's new Mantisaur!

Feature Story 3: "Hordak's Slime Attack"
He-Man, Rio Blast, and Snout Spout are helping out people in a village bordering on the Fright Zone. The children are asking Rio Blast to demonstrate his firing skills to entertain them. Snout Spout is feeling down, thinking the kids aren't interested in him, because he is a useless warrior. He-Man tries to console him, but just then Hordak attacks the village. Snout Spout attempts to prove himself by fighting back- but Hordak fires a blast from his cannon arm at him, knocking him immediately unconscious. Modulok then binds up He-Man and Rio Blast, and rounds up the villagers. Snout Spout is left at the village, while the others are all taken to the Fright Zone, and He-Man and Rio, then the villagers, are placed in the Slime Pit, which turns them into slime monsters. Hordak then takes them to the planet Andrill, which contains metal-eating gases in its atmosphere. He intends to conquer Andrill, then release the metal-eating gas into Eternia's atmosphere, destroying all weapons and vehicles. The slime monsters attack the Andrillions, as Hordak creates a force-shield to protect him and his warriors from the corrosive atmosphere. Back on Eternia, Snout Spout has recovered and gone to the Fright Zone. He uses the portal to get to Andrill, where the atmosphere begins to corrode his metal head. But he sprays a bolt from his trunk, washing the slime off He-Man, Rio, and the villagers. Before He-Man can attack Hordak, Hordak escapes. He-Man, his friends and the villagers borrow an Andrillion spacecraft, to return to Eternia. The vilagers repair the damage done to Rio's lasers and Snout Spout, head, and then Snout Spout, the hero of the battle, finally feels worthy as the kids ask him to entertain them.

(A great issue. The Mantisaur story may mainly have been done for toy advertising, but it's still great.)

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