Issue 33 - 1987
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: June
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 33
Language: English

Issue 33 - 1987
Issue 33 - 1987



Orko the Magician
The Orko the Magician strip in this issue features Man-At-Arms trying to help Orko out with some Algebra equations.

Feature Story 1: "The Testing of Orko"
As Orko entertains some children with his magic, a strange wizard called Zandini appears from out of the blue. He is an evil magician who is a member of the universal council of magic, and says that Orko's magic will be taken away unless he passes three mystical tests. At first Orko is terrified, but he eventually proves wise enough to pass each test. Zandini says he will take his magic away anyway, simply because he doesn't approve of magic being used for amusement- but just then, the head of the universal council of magic appears, and wipes Zandini's powers away, then congratulates Orko for using his magic for good.

Master Mail
This issue's master mail features more questions and answers. The most interesting question is "Is Eternia Real?" to which the response is "The answer depends on your point of view! There are some creatures in the universe who think that Earth is not a real place! All I can say is that no-one has ever proved that Eternia does not exist!"

Feature Story 2: "Monster Mayhem"
Monstrous reptiles are appearing all over Eternia. He-Man suspects they were sent by Skeletor, but it turns out that Skeletor is also being terrorized by these creatures! Man-At-Arms traces that they have come from the other side of the universe, and creates a portal to transport he and He-Man across the universe. They find a medieval city where a wizard called Wraithbinder is terrorizing the inhabitants with the monsters, and the Emperor used a ray to teleport them to another planet. Unfortunately that other planet had been Eternia. So he makes adjustments to the ray, and sends the rest of the monsters to a world called Primeva, then Man-At-Arms and He-Man prepare to return to Eternia with the ray, to send the monsters there to Primeva too.

Feature Story 3: "Hordak the Mystic"
There is a lunar conjunction over Eternia, which causes strange things to happen. At that time, Hordak is making his way from Etheria to Eternia- but the conjunction has an effect on him and his memory is altered, as are his powers, and he starts to believe he is a sorcerer. Planning to catch He-Man, he uses his magic powers to transform himself into a comet warrior, and tricks He-Man into thinking he is in danger. Then he attacks He-Man, and turns back to Hordak, and is about to destroy He-Man with his magic powers, when Grizzlor arrives on the scene, having been searching for Hordak. Just then, the lunar conjunction ends, Hordak's magic powers vanish, his memory is restored, and without remembering the magic powers ordeal, he blames Grizzlor for his failure to beat He-Man, and chases him in anger.

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