Issue 34 - 1987
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: July
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 34
Language: English

Issue 34 - 1987
Issue 34 - 1987


Orko the Magician
This issue's strip features Orko having a spot of trouble with a raincloud.

Feature Story 1: "Battle of the Cats, part 1"
Beast Man is lazing about in Snake Mountain, when Panthor arrives and tells him to get moving, so Skeletor can send him on a mission. But Beast Man uses his power over animals to put Panthor to sleep. However, Skeletor sees what happens, and enters the room- so Beast Man quickly thinks up an excuse, saying that he was just testing his powers on Panthor to see if they would work on a similar cat- Battle Cat! So Skeletor sends Beast Man out to find Battle Cat, and Beast Man wakes up Panthor then takes Two Bad with him to the Rainbow Ponds, where he sends a telepathic message to Battle Cat. Meanwhile, Adam and Cringer are walking through the woods, when Cringer hears a voice in his head calling him to the Rainbow Ponds, and he runs away to find them. Adam changes into He-Man and follows him- but when he reaches the Rainbow Ponds, he finds Cringer held captive by Beast Man, who doesn't realise that Cringer is Battle Cat, and thinks his spell has failed to work and called the wrong animal. He puts Cringer under his power anyway, just as He-Man emerges, to find both Panthor and Cringer attacking him..... (cont'd in part 2)

Master Mail
In this letters page Steven Monarch from Sunderland asks if Horde Prime is Hordak's brother. Thankfully, the answer is no, and the comic ignores the ridiculously-insinuated relationship between Hordak and his master from the cartoon.

Feature Story 2: "Battle of the Cats, part 2" (Cont'd from previous story)
As Cringer attacks He-Man, He-Man lures him behind a rock, and transforms him to Battle Cat, breaking Beast Man's spell. Then He-Man and Battle Cat emerge to fight Beast Man and Two Bad. Two Bad traps He-Man within a stream of flame from a new weapon he has invented. He then fires nega-water at Battle Cat to sap his strength. But He-Man fires a bolt from his sword at Two Bad, knocking the fire weapon from his hand. Two Bad's purple head wants to get He-Man back, and fires a nega-water bolt at He-Man..... putting out the fire stream. He-Man and Battle Cat beat Beast Man and Two Bad up and they flee.

Feature Story 3: "Roboto's Sacrifice"
Hordak has invented a new vehicle, called the Fright Fighter. He sends Dragstor off to test it out. He attacks a Wagon Train with the Fright Fighter, but Man-At-Arms and Roboto see it, and divert the machine from the train. Dragstor uses the Fright Fighter to damage the lasers on the Jet Sleds, on which Man-At-Arms and Roboto are flying. They are knocked inside a cave, where Roboto lets Man-At-Arms use some of his robotic parts to repair the lasers on the Jet Sleds. From the cave, they fire at the Fright Fighter, and Dragstor retreats to return it to Hordak.

(The story "Battle of the Cats" contains a joke made by He-Man towards Beast Man and Two Bad, which is also used in the cartoon episode "Visitors From Earth.")

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