Issue 37 - 1987
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: August
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 37
Language: English

Issue 37 - 1987
Issue 37 - 1987


Feature Story 1: "Hide and Sneak"
Instead of the regular Orko strip, this issue features a longer comedy strip starring Grizzlor and Mantenna, playing a game of hide and seek- but of course, Mantenna cheats!

Feature Story 2: "Dreams, part 1"
Prince Adam and Orko are going to a village where they will entertain the children with a book of Earth fairy tales. But they pass Grayskull on the way, and see a strange light falling on the castle. Adam transforms to He-Man, and he and Orko rush towards the castle, but as soon as they reach it they know something is wrong, as the castle doubles in size- and Orko's magic senses that the castle is not Grayskull, but something that has copied its shape. They go inside, and instantly see all sorts of strange things- a group of dwarves, a dish running away from a spoon, and a shoe with children playing all around it! Then a beanstalk grows and He-Man climbs it, suspecting that what they see has something to do with the fairty tale book. (Cont'd in next story)

Master Mail
This issue's letters page features more questions and answers about MOTU.

Feature Story 3: "Dreams, part 2"
As they reach the top of the Beanstalk, He-Man explains to Orko that somehow the fairy tales in the book they have are coming alive. All the creatures they are seeing inside the fake Grayskull are based on characters in the book. They see an egg-shaped man falling off a wall, then the king's horses and men rushing over to him, and a wooden boy called Pinocchio, then a hare and a tortoise in a race together! Orko remarks on how weird the Earth stories seem, and thinks all the people on Earth are mad! Then a strange force opens the book, and thousands of strange creatures emerge. Then a fairy goes up to He-Man, and explains that she is from a magical race who travel through the universe looking for stories, spreading dream-dust to help people tell fairy stories. She explains that their dream-dust had almost run out, so they travelled to Eternia to borrow some magical energy from the planet. They travel in a ship of light, and when they reached Eternia they copied the shape of Grayskull for the ship. They borrowed some energy from Grayskull to recharge their dreamdust, and their magic reacted with the stories in He-Man's book, bringing the images to life. They say goodbye, and take off to find another planet to spread dream-dust to. As He-Man and Orko find themselves back on land, they realise they have left the book of fairytales in the lightship, but He-Man deosn't mind, saying he will just tell the children about the adventure they just had.

Feature Story 4: "Snake Attack, part 2" (Continued from previous issue)
He-Man, Sy-Klone and Roboto have been attacked by King Hiss' Magna-snakes. They are helped by the Sorceress. King Hiss, meanwhile, has used the eye of the serpent to trace where the magna-snakes have gone, and he finds them trapped in a glass box created by the Sorceress. Rattlor frees them, and they are about to attack again, but the Sorceress stops them. King Hiss just manages to escape with the magna-snakes.

Feature Story 5: "Manners Maketh Moss Man"
A brief comedy strip starring Moss Man.

(The "Dreams" story is cheesy in concept, but you can't seem to help but really like the story.)

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Free gift: He-Man Iron-on transfer
Free gift: He-Man Iron-on transfer
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