Issue 41 - 1987
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: October
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 41
Language: English

Issue 41 - 1987
Issue 41 - 1987


Orko the Magician
This fortnight's comedy strip features Orko being confronted by Grizzlor.

Feature Story 1: "The Greatest Sacrifice"
Snout Spout is taking some peaceful time out for himself in the comfort of the Royal Wood, to think about what Hordak's experiment did to him, and how he could ever change back. Just then, he meets a small fairy, who says she will give him anything he wants. He asks to be human again, and so she uses her magic to change him back to his human form, and he returns to the form of the peasant man, as he was before Hordak's experiment. Before the fairy leaves, she says that if he ever wants to change back to his elephant form, he has the power to do so- but he will not be able to become human again. Snout Spout goes to find He-Man, and he finds him on patrol with Rio Blast. He tells them who he is, and He-Man is happy for him and agrees to take him to Grayskull, so he can travel back to his homeworld, Etheria. But as they travel to Grayskull, they are attacked by Hordak, who is using a machine which can draw humans towards it by pulling on the metals in their body. He-Man, Snout Spout, and Rio are stuck fast with no chance of escape! (Cont'd in next story)

Master Mail
This issue's Master Mail features a letter from Denzell Richards, who is curious about a boy whose letter was printed in issue #26 called Adrian Teele. Denzell asks if Adrian is an Eternian, because his surname sounds a bit like Teela!

Feature Story 2: "The Greatest Sacrifice, part 2"
As He-Man, Rio, and the human Snout Spout are stuck fast to the Body-Trapper machine, Hordak and the Horde leave to invade Grayskull. Snout Spout blames himself, knowing that in his elephant form, he may have been able to free them. Rio Blast uses his lasers to blast away the control circuits. Snout Spout is freed, and he checks out the controls to find a way to free the others- but the controls have been electrified and he cannot even touch them. So Snout Spout makes a great sacrifice, deciding that he must turn back to his elephant form to save the warriors. He resumes his elephant form, and uses a water bolt from his trunk to destroy the controls and free He-Man and Rio. He-Man and Rio are proud of Snout Spout's sacrifice to save them, and the three of them quickly travel to Grayskull, and make the Horde flee. Snout Spout, hailed a hero for his sacrifice, returns to the wood, feeling down but hoping deep inside that someday he can return to his human form for good.

Feature Story 3: "Endgame"
Another part of the epic Snake Men saga, continued from the previous issue. Extendar is caught in the claws guarding the entrance to Viper Tower, but He-Man makes a mighty effort and frees him. Then, monorails begin to move out from the towers, heading towards Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain! They must get inside and stop the Snake Men before they can link the three bases together- so they scale the walls and climb to the top- but then monorail cars start coming along, with Snake Men inside! Extendar manages to defeat Tung Lashor, but Rio Blast is turned to stone by Snake Face's power! He-Man uses his sword to restore Rio to normal, and Snake Face escapes from the monorail car, leaving Rio to drive it, heading towards the main Viper Tower. He-Man and Extendar get in the car with him, and they begin to advance on the tower- but King Hiss prepares the defences within the tower to destroy them..... (Continued in next issue)

(A great issue. The Snout Spout story is quite moving, as this is the best portrayal of Snout Spout in any canon. The story also contains some amusing scenes between Grizzlor and Hordak, when Grizzlor misunderstands what Hordak says about him having gold in his body- Grizzlor thinks it means he has come into great wealth!)

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