Issue 48 - 1988
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: January
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 48
Language: English

Issue 48 - 1988
Issue 48 - 1988


This issue comes with a free Panini MOTU movie sticker album.

Orko the Magician
This comedy strip features Orko using his magic to create a bandage... which is, of course, too long!

Feature Story 1: "Of Champions and Kings"
He-Man tells the king and queen that a new guardsman, called Clamp Champ, is scheduled to arrive at the palace. At that very moment, Clamp Champ is on his way- but a ring of spies for Skeletor sees Clamp Champ capturing a thief, and deciding he could be of use to Skeletor, they capture him and take him to their hut! Skeletor arrives quickly, and thinks up a cunning scheme to get inside the palace- using his magic to disguise himself as Clamp Champ! (Continued in next part)

Master Mail
More questions and answers about MOTU, including Roboto's origin and Beast Man's power over animals- how does he control them when he speaks to them in the same language as us, whereas we cannot? The answer is that he controls them with his mental powers, only speaking aloud to help himself concentrate.

Feature Story 2: "Of Champions and Kings"
Skeletor, in the disguise of Clamp Champ, reaches the Royal Palace, tricks the guard and introduces himself to He-Man and Man-At-Arms. But it turns out that Man-At-Arms has already been contacted by the real Clamp Champ, who has broken free and defeated the ring of spies, and told him that Skeletor is disguised as him! So Man-At-Arms and He-Man pretend to be fooled, and lead "Clamp Champ" to the unit which can teleport him inside Grayskull. They tell him they will give him a demonstration, and he steps inside, and they teleport him away. But Clamp Champ/Skeletor is instead teleported into a murky swamp, and is totally perplexed as to how the warriors knew he wasn't the real Clamp Champ! Shortly afterwards, the real Clamp Champ arrives at the palace, with the ring of spies, who are put in jail. Clamp Champ is congratulated for foiling Skeletor's scheme, and is welcomed to the Masters of the Universe.

Feature Story 3: "Insect Invasion"
Hordak takes some insects and enlarges them with a growth machine, until they are of gigantic size. He then sets them on Grayskull, and Man-At-Arms uses a new weapon to drive them away, but they take He-Man, Sy-Klone, and Zoar with them... (continued in next issue)

(Clamp Champ is given a great introduction story here. Unfortunately he only appeared in minor roles from then on.)

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PinupFree gift: MotU Sticker Album
PinupFree gift: MotU Sticker Album
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