Issue 50 - 1988
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: February
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 50
Language: English

Issue 50 - 1988
Issue 50 - 1988


The special 50th issue of the MOTU magazine gave the comic something the readers had been yearning for for some time- a new style of artwork, a lot neater, and closer to the style of the cartoon!

Introduction: What Ever Happened To.....?
This memorable issue features an introduction explaining that between this issue and the last, a full year has taken place on Eternia, and you can catch up on what happened in the missing year in the Adventure magazine! Eternos city was almost totally destroyed, and was rebuilt in a more futuristic style, and the heroic warriors have moved to a new base, in Viper Tower. The final big change is that Man-At-Arms has once again shaved off his moustache!

Feature Story 1: "Phantom Attack" (English translation of the German comic "Der Fluch der fliegenden Furien" from Ehapa)
Orko is trying to prove to a sceptical Cringer that his magic is not useless. Orko casts a spell, but nothing happens... or so he thinks! In the skies above Eternos materialize terrifying images of the Snake Men (with Whiplash among them?!). The citizens of Eternos are terrified, so Adam changes into He-Man and attempts to fight the images, but his sword passes right through them, showing that they are not real. When Orko finds what has happened, he panics, knowing he is the cause of the chaos! (Continued in part 2)

50 Things You Didn't Know About the Masters of the Universe!
Instead of the regular Master Mail feature, this issue instead features 50 facts that the readers supposedly didn't know about the MOTU. Sadly, most of the facts given are completely useless... e.g. "He-Man has never seen Prince Adam"; "Kobra Khan is one of the Snake Men"; "Grizzlor is happy most of the time"; "Teela does not know that her mother is the Sorceress"; and worst of all... "Zodac is not an evil warrior". I mean, come on, this is hardly 50 facts we didn't know!!

Feature Story 2: "Phantom Attack", Cont'd.
Orko uses his magic to cancel the spell, and the images of the Snake Men vanish. Without realizing he was the cause of the trouble, the heroic warriors all congratulate Orko for saving the city. But later, Orko confides to Adam that he was the cause of the images. Though soon it starts to seem otherwise... the images of the Snake Men appear in the sky again! Man-At-Arms traces the source to a strange pyramid in the desert. Adam and Cringer go there with Orko, to investigate. They become He-Man and Battle Cat and send Orko back home to find Ram-Man and Man-At-Arms, who arrive on the scene shortly. Ram-Man tries to smash the way inside, but to no avail. So He-Man concentrates all his power, and blasts a hole in the wall with his sword. He takes Man-At-Arms and Ram-Man inside, and they find all sorts of images of Snake Men floating past them as they make their way to the center. (Cont'd in next part)

Feature Story 3: "Phantom Attack", Cont'd
He-Man discovers that the images are all coming from a power center. He makes his way there, and finds Skeletor, wearing his Dragon Blaster costume. He swipes his sword at him, but Skeletor turns out to be another phantom, and the Dragon fades away, then eerie lights surround him. The machine overloads, with too much to fight against, and switches to defence mode, creating images of Snake Men that pull Skeletor to safety. The heroic warriors return to Eternos, and explain to Teela everything that has happened. They realise that the strange machine must have been designed to work with Skeletor's magic, and since Orko also has magic power, his power must have reacted with the machine. Orko decides to test to see whether any power still remains in the machine, and casts a spell, which causes a giant image of Skeletor to form in the sky. Orko increases the spell, until the energy in the machine is drained away and the image fades. Orko is congratulated for saving the day.

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Free gift: Captain Rik stickers
Free gift: Captain Rik stickers
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