Issue 51 - 1988
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: February
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 51
Language: English

Issue 51 - 1988
Issue 51 - 1988


Orko the Magician
This issue's comedy strip features Orko trying to use his magic to make toad-in-the-hole... but ends up making real toads in real holes.

Feature Story 1: "The Book of Evil" (English translation of the German comic "Das Buch des Bösen" from Ehapa)
A storm over Snake Mountain has uncovered an ancient book, called the Book of Evil. Skeletor gains hold of it, having heard that the book nearly defeated the Elders. Meanwhile, Eternos city is engulfed in terrible, strong winds. The Sorceress appears and tells the heroic warriors that Skeletor has found the book of evil. She says that the only way to defeat it is to find the three fragments of the shield of protection- and join them before the twin moons move together. He-Man, Snout Spout, and Man-At-Arms decide to split, and look in the places where the fragments are hidden. Skeletor and Evil-Lyn instantly set about stopping them finding the fragments. Evil-Lyn adopts a disguise... Orko! In the form of Orko, she confronts Snout Spout and tells him lies about how the other warriors laugh at his elephant head, and he should not risk his life for them. He leaves, almost considering turning his back on the heroic warriors. (Continued in part 2.)

Master Mail
This issue's letters page features questions about King Hiss and Tung Lashor, and a question about how big Eternia is compared to Earth (the answer says it's 20% larger).

Feature Story 2: "The Book of Evil", Cont'd
Man-At-Arms is piloting a Jet Sled towards his destination, when he sees Teela (really Evil-Lyn in disguise) about to fall from a rocky cliff. He goes to find He-Man, and eventually finds him (apparently Evil-Lyn in disguise again, though it would be more believable to think it is Faker) and asks him to help Teela. But 'He-Man' refuses and leaves. Man-At-Arms goe back to save her himself, and sees her falling from the cliff to her doom. He blames He-Man for her death. Meanwhile, Snout Spout, badly hurt by what "Orko" has told him, is in the Dark Moor, deciding that it will be his last mission for Eternia. The fragment of the shield is beneath a murky lake, and Mer-Man has been sent to get it- but the powers of the shield evaporate the water, teleporting Mer-Man away, enabling Snout Spout to get the shield. Meanwhile, Man-At-Arms is searching the Liana Ravines, and finds the fragment in a deep tunnel. He-Man, meanwhile, is on his way to the Glass Grotto, when he is attcked by the Horde. He has no time to fight them to a standstill, so he simply breaks through! He makes it to the Glass Grotto, where he is attacked by Night-Skulkers! (Cont'd in next part)

Feature Story 3: "The Book of Evil", Cont'd
He-Man makes it past the Night-Skulkers and finds the final fragment of the shield. The heroic warriors all make their way to the spot where they arranged to meet. But having been tricked by Evil-Lyn, Man-At-Arms believes that Teela is dead and He-Man did nothing to save her, and Snout Spout thinks his friends laugh at him behind his back! As soon as they meet, they start to argue among each other, and Man-At-Arms tells He-Man he wants nothing more to do with him. As they argue, they are attacked by evil warriors as the moons move close together- but they quickly join the shield of protection together, and Skeletor flees, and the moons pass each other gracefully. Peace reigns over Eternia... but each of the three warriors feels they have been betrayed. But then, Orko appears, and denies saying anything to Snout Spout- and also tells Man-At-Arms that Teela has been in the palace all day! The warriors realise they have been tricked, and reconcile their friendship, then make their way home. Meanwhile, Skeletor is angry about his failure, as the Book of Evil has been destroyed, and he blames Evil-Lyn, as the evil warriors fight amongst each other.

(This is a classic issue- "The Book of Evil" is an excellent story, ranking among the best in the comic series ever.... but there are some noticeable 'nits' about this issue:

The cover shows Hordak knocking He-Man into a pool of phantoms with a stun blast... yet nothing of the sort features in the issue!
The Sorceress' headcrest is colored brown, rather than white!
At the beginning, Man-At-Arms tells He-Man to go to the Dark Moor and Snout Spout to take the Glass Grotto- but when they start the mission, it's the other way round!
It seems ridiculous how Evil-Lyn can assume the forms of both Teela and He-Man at once... she could never be in two places at the same time! Why could they not simply use Faker to impersonate He-Man? It's about time he made another appearance, anyway!
Mer-Man is given human hands, yet the rest of his body is the same as normal!
Nevertheless, this is a great issue!)

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