Issue 52 - 1988
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: March
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 52
Language: English

Issue 52 - 1988
Issue 52 - 1988


Orko the Magician
This issue's comedy strip has Orko messing up a spell to do with light.

Feature Story 1: "Meteor Menace" (English translation of the German comic "Im Hagel der Meteore!" from Ehapa)
Eternos is attacked by some very unusual enemies... the Rock People! The Royal Astronomer explains that they were on course until their path was blocked by an eerie ray which came from Snake Mountain. So the heroic warriors instantly set about cruising the skies, using nets to catch the Rock Warriors as they shoot towards the city. But then, a comet comes shooting directly towards Extendar... (Continued in part 2)

Master Mail
More questions/answers about MOTU.

Feature Story 2: "Meteor Menace", Cont'd
Extendar avoids the Rock Warrior by shrinking to his normal size. Then, once all the Rock People are caught, the heroic warriors land and wait for the Rock People to recover. When they do, Stonedar's mind is cloudy, and at first he mistakes He-Man for an enemy... but then his memory suddenly returns, and he remembers He-Man, and realises that Skeletor had put them under a spell. In Snake Mountain, skeletor has become aware that the meteors have not destroyed Eternos, but still believes the Rock People's minds are clouded, and so they will destroy the heroic warriors. Believing the heroic warriors are occupied, Skeletor orders his army to march on Castle Grayskull. But when they reach the castle, they find the entrance guarded by a group of Rock People, and heroic warriors, led by He-Man! Skeletor retreats, then the Rock People set off for one of Eternia's moons, which is to be their new home. Rokkon and Stonedar stay on Eternia, to help He-Man.

Feature Story 3: "Secret Files of Scrollos: Skeletor!"
Finally the Secret Files of Scrollos explains the origin of Skeletor. In this story, Skeletor begins as a student of Horde Prime, sent to the world of Academica, where Hordak is to train him. Skeletor proves to be more evil than Horde Prime had imagined, and quickly takes over not only the entire planet- but the entire solar system! When Hordak finds out, he realizes that Skeletor's evil rivals his own. He continues to train him, but knows he must keep an eye on him- Skeletor's secret desire is to surpass Hordak and make him his slave. So he thinks up a scheme, and leads Hordak to a world which is ruled by science and logic. From the lifeless moon of this world, Hordak prepares to launch an attack- but Skeletor uses a spell to teleport away, and strand Hordak on the moon! Impressed with him, Horde Prime sends Skeletor to Eternia to conquer the world, while Hordak sets about making a teleportation machine to get off the lifeless moon.

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