Issue 53 - 1988
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: March
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 53
Language: English

Page 1
Page 1



Orko the Magician
Orko conjures up a bat to help him play cricket- but conjures up the wrong sort.

Feature Story 1: "The Bells of Doom" (English translation of the German comic "Die Glocken der Verdammnis" from Ehapa)
The Sorceress warns the heroic warriors, and summons He-Man to Grayskull, to tell him that Skeletor has found the location of the Bells of Doom. If he can ring the Seven Bells, he will gain great power for half a day, and be able to command all the evil warriors on Eternia! He-Man sets off, with Orko, Moss Man, Fisto and Snout Spout, to the Sea of Silence where the bells are located. But Tri-Klops is spying on them, and reports back to Skeletor that they will not survive the sea of silence. The heroic warriors dive in, and they find the lost underwater city of Moraturia..... (cont'd in part 2)

Master Mail
More questions/answers on MOTU.

Feature Story 2: "The Bells of Doom", Cont'd
In the underwater city of Moraturia, the heroic warriors are attacked by robot sharks. He-Man is swept away by a powerful current, carrying him far away, as the water around Moraturia is drained away. The other warriors attempt to stop the bells from ringing- but they are too late, as Skeletor causes the ground to shake, ringing the bells. Then a glass dome appears over the city, trapping Fisto, Moss Man, and Snout Spout inisde. But He-Man has been washed up on the shore, and makes his way back to Orko and Battle Cat. He has lost his sword in the current, and must get it back. Meanwhile, Skeletor has now gained control of all the evil warriors on Eternia- even Hordak and the Snake Men- and they march towards Eternos for a massive invasion! (cont'd in part 3)

Feature Story 3: "The Bells of Doom", Cont'd
Skeletor, and all the other evil warriors, pause to rest near the silent sea to await the rest of the troops. He-Man and Orko are lurking nearby, and Orko cats a spell to create false fire balls, accompanied by the sound of Ghost Drums. All the evil warriors flee except Skeletor, the only one who senses it is not a real attack. Just then, he sees He-Man's sword- unprotected- and rushes towards it! But He-Man comes towards it at the same time, and grabs it before Skeletor can! Skeletor quickly teleports back to Snake Mountain, and He-Man and Orko meet the other warriors on the other side of the sea, and return home.

Comic Strip 1: "A Shaggy Story"
A brief comedy strip starring Grizzlor.

Comic Strip 2: "Once Bitten"
Another brief comedy strip with Tung Lashor and Rattlor.

Issue 53 - 1988
Issue 53 - 1988
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