Issue 56 - 1988
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: May
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 56
Language: English

Issue 56 - 1988
Issue 56 - 1988


Orko the Magician
Orko finds that spring is in the air in this issue's uninspired comedy strip.

Feature Story 1: "Return of the Mantisaur" (English translation of the German comic "Verblendet vom bösen Versucher" from Ehapa)
There is a terrible drought on Eternia (Hmmm... didn't something like this happen three issues ago?) and Hordak appears in the streets of a village, telling the people to riot! He claims the drought came from Castle Grayskull, and they must destroy Grayskull to end the drought! Just then, a volcano begins to erupt, and Adam changes to He-Man and sets out in the Wind Raider to stop the volcano from causing any harm. (cont'd in next part)

Master Mail
A lot of interesting questions about MOTU, including a question about whether Grayskull once belonged to Skeletor, because its front looks like a skull face. The response is that it never belonged to Skeletor- the skull face is just there to ward off intruders.

Feature Story 2: "Return of the Mantisaur", Cont'd
He-Man prevents the volcano from causing any damage, but Hordak uses his hurricane arm to blow He-Man towards the rocks. He-Man vanishes from sight, and Hordak assumes he has been crushed. But He-Man's powerful body has protected him from the full effects, and he quickly goes to Grayskull, which is being attacked by villagers, brandishing fiery sticks- watched over by Hordak on the Mantisaur. He-Man tella Man-At-Arms and Teela, who are trying to stop the villagers, that the people are blinded by Hordak's false words. Then, the ground starts to quake and the Mantisaur drags Hordak away. The villagers' minds then clear, and they stop attacking the castle, and He-Man explains that Hordak was using a mind-altering ray hidden inside his new Mantisaur. The villagers, and the warriors, return home, and back at the palace, Man-At-Arms arranges for Wind Raiders to seed the air with chemicals which will cause rain to fall again. Just then, Teela smashes a mirror, and with Eternian superstitions differing slightly, she jokes that this means seven years of good luck, as the rain starts to fall.

Feature Story 3: "Secret Files of Scrollos: Skeletor's First Attack"
This secret files story picks up from where the Skeletor origin story in issue #52 left off. Skeletor is prevented from invading Eternia by a mystic wall- but he uses metaphysical forces to smash through! The Sorceress senses his presence on Eternia, and warns He-Man, who travels to Eternos, where Skeletor is attacking. He-Man reaches Eternos, and engages in his first ever battle with Skeletor. He astounds Skeletor with his incredible strength and power, and Skeletor retreats. Skeletor then finds an ancient mountain, in which he senses an evil presence. He uses his magic powers to break away the stone covering, revealing Snake Mountain beneath! He decides to use the ancient fortress as his base, from which he will raise an army of evil warriors to conquer Eternia.

Power Pin-Up
This issue's pin-up features Grizzlor, Leech and Mantenna, with a Horde trooper, all drawings taken from the cartoon.

(The Skeletor secret file gets this issue an extra star- the main story is only average. It would be better to see Hordak's scheme right from the start, especially as after the Mantisaur's memorable first appearance in issue #32, you would expect a sequel to be better than this. Hordak learned many of He-Man's weaknesses in the original Mantisaur story, so you would expect this story to follow up on that to some extent- but the Mantisaur hardly even features.)

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