Issue 57 - 1988
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: May
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 57
Language: English

Issue 57 - 1988
Issue 57 - 1988


Orko the Magician
Orko messes up a plant.

Feature Story 1: "Attack of the Monstroid" (English translation of the German comic "Hordaks teuflische Falle" from Ehapa)
At the palace, Man-At-Arms reports to Teela and Adam that Hordak is forcing innocent people to work for him in the mines. He and Teela set out to put a stop to it, and Adam changes to He-Man and follows them. Teela and Man-At-Arms advance on the mines... but they are attacked by one of Hordak's new machines, the Monstroid!

Master Mail
This issue's Master Mail features a question from Graeme Brown, asking if Blast-Attak, Monstroid, and Mosquitor will ever feature in the comic. The Monstroid, of course, features in this very issue, but although Scrollos promises to feature the other two soon, Blast-Attak never had a proper part, he only ever appeared in the background- and Mosquitor sadly never featured in the comic at all.

Feature Story 2: "Attack of the Monstroid", Cont'd
He-Man saves Teela and Man-At-Arms from the Monstroid, and they advance on the mines where the people have been made to work by Hordak. But the people run away as they approach, and hide in a cave! The heroic warriors follow them and assure them they come in peace, but the villagers say that they will only believe them if they throw down their weapons. The warriors do so- but just then, the people rip off their faces and clothes, and reveal themselves to be Hordesmen in disguise! So Orko uses his power to attract the Monstroid, which comes crashing through the wall, and the cave comes falling down on Hordak and the Horde, so Hordak has no choice but to destroy the Monstroid. The heroic warriors return home.

Feature Story 3: "Secret Files of Scrollos: The Story of Teela"
Teela's origin story features in this secret file. It begins with the Sorceress giving up her mortal nature and becoming the Sorceress. Since she can not look after a child as the Sorceress, she must give her daughter, Teela, to her friend Man-At-Arms, who promises to look after her as his own child. Man-At-Arms brings Teela up well, training her to be a warrior, until she reaches womanhood and becomes captain of the king's guard. She is made to act as a bodyguard to Prince Adam- but she is unhappy about this job, as she finds Adam a bit of a wimp. But they are very close, having grown up together. Then one day, the palace is attacked by Skeletor, who is wearing a strange amulet round his neck. A demon emerges from the amulet, and Teela begins to attack the demon- but Adam runs away, leaving Teela appalled at his cowardice! But in fact, he has gone off to change to He-Man... (Continued in next issue)

Power Pin-Up
This issue's pin-up shows Zodac firing his gun at He-Man and Man-At-Arms. I hope London Editions were prepared for the flood of questions that were about to come from confused readers...

(But only because the Teela origin is good- the Monstroid story is pretty average, with seemingly no point other than to advertise the Monstroid toy.)

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