Issue 58 - 1988
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: June
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 58
Language: English

Issue 58 - 1988
Issue 58 - 1988



Power Pin-Up
Instead of the Orko the Magician strip, which had been getting rather dull and unfunny of late, this issue begins with a pin-up of Tri-Klops spying on He-Man and Battle Cat.

Feature Story 1: "Power Play" (English translation of the German comic "Der Kampf um die Krone" from Ehapa)
The heroic warriors are about to prepare for the Contest of Champions, a series of games which take place every ten years, giving the winning team the right to rule Eternia. The heroic warriors are (surprise!) set to compete against Skeletor and the evil warriors. But right from the start of the contest, Skeletor's warriors and vehicles are proving more powerful than the heroes! The warriors are confused as to why He-Man isn't present, not realising that he is... but in the form of Adam, wanting to see how the warriors fare without his help! But at this moment, things sure look in favor of the evil warriors... (cont'd in next part)

Master Mail
This fortnight's master mail features a question from Graham Clark about whether Ram-Man can remove his helmet. The obscure answer is "What? Do impressions of his helmet? Only joking, Graham. Yes, Ram Man can take off his helmet... but it wouldn't be wise to do so when he is about to butt something!" Like, duh.

Feature Story 2: "Power Play" Cont'd
Skeletor starts to cheat as he fights against Man-At-Arms in the contest, by using magic. He is just about to win the games, so Adam sneaks off... Skeletor sits on Panthor in the center of the arena for moment after moment... until the judge reluctantly decides he must give the crown of Eternos to Skeletor. But just then, He-Man springs into the arena on Battle Cat, and he and Skeletor engage in a huge battle! He-Man wins, and Randor is allowed to retain rule of Eternia!

Feature Story 3: "Secret Files of Scrollos: The Story of Teela, part 2"
Continued from the previous issue. Teela is struggling in the clutches of the demon, when He-Man comes and saves her at the last moment, and Skeletor flees. He-Man then points out that the jewel Skeletor wore round his neck must be connected with the new powers he boasted about... but since He-Man wasn't present when Skeletor said that, but Prince Adam was, Teela starts to become suspicious! He-Man quickly disparages her suspicions by saying that Adam had contacted him and told him everything. They go down to the library and use the computer to find exactly what Skeletor is using. He-Man finds that Skeletor has the Gomon Gem, with a power that can only be stopped by the sound of seven bells ringing at once. So they go to the Vault of Vargonis, where there are seven bells, and find that Skeletor is already there, expecting them! He is about to use his staff to smash the towers into fragments, but He-Man and Teela use their fists to shake the ground, ringing the bells and shattering the gem. Skeletor retreats, and He-Man congratulates Teela, saying that she deserves a promotion for her idea to punch the ground. Teela says that hopefully it will mean she won't have to look after Prince Adam any more. He-Man is saddened, and so after the promotion, he goes to Grayskull to ask the Sorceress if he can tell Teela his secret. Sadly, the Sorceress says the Elders have decided that Teela can not know the secret, but assures He-Man that she is also sad that Teela can not yet know that she is her real mother.

("Power Play" is pretty good since you get to see so many warriors in action, and the concluding part of Teela's origin is also excellent.)

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