Issue 65 - 1988
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: September
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 65
Language: English

Issue 65 - 1988
Issue 65 - 1988



Orko the Magician
Orko is away and has to drop Prince Adam a few lines. He uses his magic for it but it goes wrong.

Feature Story 1: "He-Man's Gamble" (English translation of the German comic "Ein gewagtes Spiel" from Ehapa)
Teela is complaining about what a coward Prince Adam is, and Adam tells her he will prove to her that he is brave. Orko tells Adam that he will use his magic to create fake demons to attack Teela, and Adam can save her. Adam, however, is not keen on the idea, thinking it sounds like cheating. Later, Adam and Teela are in the Royal gardens, when Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, Whiplash and Stinkor attack. Adam assumes they are Orko's magical projections and attacks them- but they are real, and they take Adam and Teela off in a Fright Fighter to Snake Mountain! Orko sees what happened, and goes and tells the Sorceress. The Sorceress senses that they are imprisoned in one of Skeletor's dungeons. In the form of Zoar, sne goes to the dungeon, and gives Adam the power of invisibility, to help them escape. Later, Stinkor inspects the cell, and is shocked to find that Adam appears to be missing... then the invisible Adam knocks Stinkor's gun from his hand, and uses it to paralyse him! He and Teela then escape from the dungeon. (cont'd in next part)

Master Mail
A letter in this issue's master mail points out that two past issues have stated two different ages for He-Man. The answer says that the correct age is 21.

Feature Story 2: "He-Man's Gamble", Cont'd
As Teela and th invisible Adam sneak through the caverns of Snke Mountain, Tri-Klops, and Jitsu appear. Adam tricks them by shouting to them. They don't recognise his voice, but run anyway, thus leaving Adam and Teela safe. Then they are confronted by Evil-Lyn, who casts a sleeping spell that knocks Teela unconscious! Adam paralyses her with Stinkor's stun gun before she can do the same to him, then the invisibility spell wears off, and Adam changes to He-Man. He lifts Teela's body and takes her to a Fright Fighter, where they escape. Back at the Royal Palace, Teela praises Adam with his courage, but so she won't become suspicious that he is He-Man, Adam pretends to feel faint!

Eternian Mix-Up!
A puzzle game- 20 names of MOTU characters are listed with the letters jumbled, and you must unscramble them to work out which character it is.

Hee Hee He-Man
6 MOTU-related jokes.

Feature Story 3: "Secret Files of Scrollos: Rio Blast"
This secret file tells the story of Rio Blast. He was originally a member of the Starband, on a world called Loredos. Many of the people on Loredos came to great wealth when a type of mineral called Feridium was discovered- but this soon led to chaos as many criminals came after the Feridium- and they were sent by Horde Prime! Rio at that time was a young farm hand, whose family's home was destroyed when they could not pay their taxes to the Red Indian criminals. Rio began to train to be a warrior, and became a lawman who saved many people from the Red Indians with his amazing gun skills. Horde Prime decided that Rio must be destroyed, and enacted a cunning plan. Rio was called to assist a villager whose son had been playing in a mine but had never come out. Rio went in there to find the man's son- but the man was in fact one of the criminals, and together with some Indians, shot at the mine shaft, which collapsed on Rio. But the man instantly regretted helping the criminals, and helped some men dig Rio out. Rio was badly hurt, so a scientist turned him into a cyber-defence machine with built-in lasers, to save his life. Rio defeated many of the criminals with his new body lasers, then one day was sent out to help an astro-jail above Loredos. But Horde Prime, who realized he had lost control of Loredos, was so angry that he used his Magna-ray to direct a meteor at the planet, blowing it up! But Rio was not on Loredos, so he survived, and a fragment from the exploding planet knocked him to Eternia, where he joined the heroic warriors to help pay back Horde Prime.

(Just when you thought the magazine was in a state of serious decline, there comes up an excellent issue! "He-Man's Gamble" is a classic story, and the Rio Blast origin story is excellent. There are only two flaws: it never explains the remarkable similarity between the life on Loredos and the American west in the 19th century (we'll leave it at coincidence), and there's a couple spots of bad continuity- the panel showing Rio falling to Eternia depicts He-Man and Man-At-Arms below, but in issue #28 it was Sy-Klone who was with He-Man when Rio landed, not Man-At-Arms. Nevertheless, this is a great issue!)

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