Issue 68 - 1988
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: October
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 68
Language: English

Issue 68 - 1988
Issue 68 - 1988


Orko the Magician
Orko is entertaining some kids with his tricks- but ends up frightening them away with his 'cut in half box' trick in this issue's comedy strip.

Feature Story 1: "Fatal Attraction" (English translation of the German comic "Im Netz der Hexenmeisterin" from Ehapa)
This story introduces many new characters, though sadly most only appear in the background. Evil-Lyn has created a new love potion which will make Man-At-Arms fall for her and convert him to the side of evil. She casts a spell on Man-At-Arms, and he instantly falls for her and they spend hour after hour together. When Orko sees them together, he is shocked and rushes to tell Prince Adam. When Adam asks Man-At-Arms about why he has been seeing Evil-Lyn, he snaps back aggressively, saying he has fallen in love with her! Meanwhile, Evil-Lyn reports back to Skeletor, who develops a plan to lure Man-At-Arms to Snake Mountain. He calls Blade forth, and tells him to give Man-At-Arms a note from Evil-Lyn, saying that Skeletor has imprisoned her in Snake Mountain. Blade does so, and delivers the note to Man-At-Arms. But Adam is spying on them, and he changes to He-Man and springs forth! (cont'd in next part)

Master Mail
This issue's master mail features a letter from Aidan (yes, honestly!) asking how King Hiss grew snakes in his body! Yes, Aidan hadn't quite figured that the human form was only a disguise yet! But then, he was only six! :^)

Feature Story 2: "Fatal Attraction", Cont'd
He-Man tries to warn Man-At-Arms that the evil warriors are trying to trick him, but Man-At-Arms, driven mad by his love for Evil-Lyn, knocks He-Man down with his club, then runs off to Snake Mountain to rescue Evil-Lyn! He-Man and Orko follow him to Snake Mountain. Both Man-At-Arms and He-Man battle several evil warriors along the way. He-Man sees Jitsu (who Orko mistakenly calls 'Fisto') and Scare Glow on a precipice, but He-Man knocks them out! (cont'd in next part)

Feature Story 3: "Fatal Attraction", Cont'd
Man-At-Arms makes it to the heart of Snake Mountain, where Evil-Lyn is imprisoned in chains. As he ascends some steps to rescue her, Skeletor zaps him with his staff, and Man-At-Arms tumbles down the stairs, falling unconscious at the bottom! Just then, He-Man and Orko arrive, and they defeat Skeletor and rescue Man-At-Arms, just as he regains control of his mind. They go back to the Royal Palace, where Man-At-Arms feels a complete fool for loving Evil-Lyn, and can't believe the effect the spell had on him! Adam suggests Orko entertain them with a spell, but Man-At-Arms says he has had enough spells to last him a lifetime!

Which Warrior?
A trivia quiz, which asks ten questions about heroic warriors, and ten questions about evil warriors, and you have to work out which warrior the question refers to. Rotar gets his only ever mention in the comic on this page, as the answer at the bottom of the page, to the question "which heroic warrior can twist at super-speed" is "Sy-Klone or Rotar."

(This is a great issue, and not just because Aidan's name appears in it! The story about Man-At-Arms falling for Evil-Lyn is simply classic! Characters like Saurod, Blast-Attak, and Ninjor all appear in the background, it's a shame they couldn't have been given proper roles, but it's still great to see them!)

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