Cosplayer of the Month
Feb 2013: Samantha Keller as Flutterina

He-Man.Org's official "Cosplayer of the Month" for February 2013 is the lovely and talented Samantha Keller as Flutterina!

"...I have been a big fan of He-Man and She-ra since I was 3 years Old. My sister and I watched it growing up, and my mom always had He-Man audio cassettes for us to listen too in the car on long drives. I am a very active Cosplayer (I mostly cosplay "old school" stuff). The characters that I like to cosplay are the ones who were my favourites as a child, and I am now making MOTU costumes for cosplay once a year. I specialize in doing wings, as I love butterflies, and that is how I came to make Flutterina's costume..."

Model/Costumer: Samantha Keller as Flutterina
Photographers: Steffi G von N, James Eatock, Jonas Hein, Capitaine Cyrce Silverwolf
Editors: Jonas Hein, John Atkin

Check out more of Samantha's creations at

Samantha Keller as Flutterina
Samantha Keller as Flutterina

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