Cosplayer of the Month
May 2013: Rebeka Newbold as Evil-Lyn

He-Man.Org's official "Cosplayer of the Month" for May 2013 is Rebeka Newbold as Evil-Lyn!

When Rebeka Newbold was 2 years old, she told her mom that she wanted to be one of the "TV people." She took acting classes as a child and appeared in Sacramento's Story Time Theatre as the 'Big Bad Wolf' in Little Red Riding Hood. She was the only girl who auditioned for the role. "Acting for kids is always more rewarding because they react more when you perform." Rebeka has also performed in several independent films; many of them in the horror genre. When asked why she likes acting, she had this to say: "It's in your blood or it isn't. My blood boils with the dramatics. I prefer to play villains because then I can act crazy and that's always fun." Rebeka will be playing Evil-Lyn in the upcoming Masters of the Universe fan-film Wrath of Tri-Klops.

Model: Rebeka Newbold
Photographer: William Palitti
Costumer: Johnny Bilson
Johnny's Perfect Costumes

Rebeka Newbold as Evil-Lyn
Rebeka Newbold as Evil-Lyn

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