Cosplayer of the Month
July 2013: Clay Stooshnoff as Skeletor

He-Man.Org's official "Cosplayer of the Month" for July 2013 is Clay Stooshnoff as Skeletor!

"...I'm a total nerd and a major 80's kid. I love everything 80's, but especially He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (particularly Skeletor!) Growing up we didn't have cable TV, so I was definitely more of a fan of the action figures. I had them all! I played with them all the time, and sadly some of them are now missing arms, legs and heads.

When He-Man and myself decided to attend the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in 2012, we decided to go all out. I went full Filmation Skeletor and never looked back. Since that time we've attended Edmonton, Seattle and Vancouver as well as Calgary again. Hopefully in the near future we will be attending a Power-Con as well as a San Diego Comicon.

A little about the costume... I definitely don't have He-Man's physique, but tried to keep my "muscles" Filmation quality. I thought they turned out fairly well. I call them my 30 second abs and would like to thank Sharpie. Basically, I hit up the thrift shop for the rest of the gear and let me tell you, for cosplaying, thrift shops truly are awesome! Also hot glue.... lot's of hot glue. For the "yellowed skull look" I stopped brushing my teeth about 30 years ago. Check out and click the youtube link and catch up on our adventures."

Clay Stooshnoff as Skeletor, Spencer Voykin, Mason Voykin as Orko.
Photography by Aymstar Photography and Designs 

Clay Stooshnoff as Skeletor
Clay Stooshnoff as Skeletor

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He-Man Vs SkeletorOrko Vs SkeletorSkeletor!How to be a Henchman 101BBQ Time!
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