Cosplayer of the Month
Aug 2013: Kelly Tenzyk as Teela

He-Man.Org's official "Cosplayer of the Month" for August 2013 is Kelly Tenzyk as Teela!

"...I was raised on a healthy dose of Saturday morning cartoons, which I'm not ashamed to say have shaped me into the person that I am today. When we were kids, our cartoons had morals and lessons. I'm not just talking about the blurb at the end of GI Joe and 'the more you know'. Teela was a great example to me (granted when you over-looked her constant kidnapping and inability to tell that Adam was He-man). She was feisty and I always enjoyed her teasing Prince Adam. Put that together with her red hair and I was sold.

I'd always wanted to make a Teela costume, and last year for Dragon*con we pulled together a rag tag bunch of He-man and She-Ra lovers for an escapade. Little did we know how popular and well received our group would be! It's easy to spot like minded people, who clearly have good taste, when they're wearing a costume. Some times I wish it was that easy to spot them in everyday life as well."

Model/Costumer: Kelly Tenzyk as Teela.
Photography by Jayce Williams (Photos NXS).

Kelly Tenzyk as Teela
Kelly Tenzyk as Teela

Kelly Tenzyk as TeelaKelly Tenzyk as TeelaTeela & friendsTeela & friends
Kelly Tenzyk as TeelaKelly Tenzyk as TeelaTeela & friendsTeela & friends
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