The Scrolls of Grayskull
Issue 06


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*More On Re-releasing The Action Figures
*WWW Resources
*The Masters of the Universe Tribe
*More On-Line Ways To Chat About He-Man
*Just Wondering...
*Revamp: Part IV
*Design-Your-Own-Figure Contest
*Buying, Selling, Trading


This might be the last newsletter for a little while. I'll be on vacation this July, but keep on submitting pictures, sounds, and fan fiction! I'll dowhat I can, though. :>

In case you haven't heard about it, there's now a text-only newsletter. If your connection is really slow or doesn't handle file attachments well, you might prefer this option. E-mail me to be added...

I've gotten requests from lots of people that want to use images from the He-Man "galleries" of mine... If you'd like to use any of the images for your web page, feel free to... I'd appreciate it if you could link back to my page and credit me. Thanks!

BTW, I'd like to thank Aaron Scholz ( for sending me some episodes of He-Man on tape.


[More On Re-releasing The Action Figures]

As many of you know, is the person who's spearheading the movement to have He-Man and the Masters of the Universe figures re-released with a few changes. What he has in mind is a "revamped" version, with slightly different costumes and origins... John has some designs of his own, but if you have any ideas or sketches you'd like to send to him, e-mailhim at


[WWW Resources]

=-New Web Pages!!!/-=

*Lady Firestorm ( is building a She-Ra page... It's kind of small now, but in August look for pictures, sounds, and other great stuff! for the preview.

*Jeremy Clos has a He-Man and She-Ra page called 'Castle Greyskull' at

*More new Yahoo! URLs:


=-Other Web Resources/-=
(In Chronological Order As Far As I Know)

*Kevin Hebert's Page:
An extremely nostalgic page about the action figures! It was the first He-Man page on the WWW!!!

*My He-Man Page:
Info on about everything in the world of He-Man...under perpetual construction.
BTW, there is some great stuff that's going to be happening on my web pagesoon. ;>

*Ayaz Asif's Page:
A great place to get pictures from the cartoon series! He also has pages of tons of other '80s cartoons too!

*Jaye's She-Ra Page:
The first She-Ra page on the WWW! The sister page to mine...

*Erik Christianson's Page:
A great place to go for WAVs from the series, plus a few other things. Erik's going to move it to another server, where he gets unlimited space and can do a lot more very soon! Definitely something to look forward to! He also made the cool MIDI file on the He-Fans archives.

*Dave Singleton's Page:
A page that's currently under construction. A few pictures from my archives too.

*The He-Fans Archives:
The place to go if you want to read back issues of the newsletters or get the attachments that came with 'em. For Internet Explorer 2.0 users, you can listen to a MIDI by Erik Christianson in the background!

*Steve Levich's Page:
A page that Steve's been working on since December. There are too many features to list here... Pictures, sounds, games... A great page!!!

*Yahoo!'s He-Man Directory:
Nothing really of interest in the Yahoo! page, but I'm listing it anyway...:>


[The Masters of the Universe Tribe]

Pow Wow users: There is now a tribe!!! Meetings are set for Sundays at 12... I just threw a time down... I can always go back and change it later if I need to (I think I can anyway)...

Here's the URL:

When you sign up, run Pow Wow and go to Setup->Tribal Association. Type in and click on the 'Register' box. Click on OK, and then click on Setup->Save Settings. Next time you start up Pow Wow, it should load the web page with the most recent logins! Please note that it may say 'Application Not Found' the next time you run Pow Wow---all you have to do is go to the directory where your web browser is.

If you're running Windows, have a Winsock connection, and don't have Pow Wow, go to

It's kind of like IRC, only better!


[More On-Line Ways To Chat About He-Man]

I've added 2 new pages on my web site that enable people to chat about He-Man...

First of all, there's the message board at It's sort of like Usenet...
The message board is Java-enhanced, but any forms-capable browser can go there.
It's been a little buggy with dropped articles, but I'm looking into fixing that... The response has been pretty good so far...

There's also a chat page for Java-capable browsers at This is a pretty nice applet, but since so few browsers actually work with it, it's hard to find people to chat *with*! :> I think Netscape 2.02 for Win95is the only one that can use it...


[Just Wondering...]

Last issue, I asked:

'Would Masters of the Universe have been a better cartoon if it wereanimated by the Japanese?'


Here are some of the responses:


Dragonmaster Lou (

Well, yes and no. One of the things that I did like about Filmation studios was that even though they weren't the best animators, they did have a look that was unique in my opinion. The Japanese animators would have produced a technically better production of He-Man, but I think we liked it for more than just the animation quality, which isn't half bad compared to many other American studios. Personally though, I just have a difficult time imagining what He-Man would look like in the Japanese style. Maybe it's just me, but it just doesn't seem right, and I'm one of the bigger Japanese animation fans you'll find anywhere.


Grasshopper (

You must remember one thing about Japanese Animation or Japanime: the Japanese take pride in their work! That is why they put so much time and effort into it. They love to do it, and they do it well. Now here in thestates, it's a job and ratings count!!! For instance, here is a good example: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! When they came out with that 5 part opener on TV, my brothers and I loved it. BUT...if you noticed, around the 3rd or 4th episode, the style of the turtles and the writing did therest of the episodes that followed. I mean, when they started throwing pizzas instead of using their weapons, we were fed up!

Now there is something else you have to remember! The 80's...they were in the 80's when He-Man was a contender. The 90's style of animation wasn't born yet, and that is what we are use to! We don't have animation like LOONY TOONS, MERRY MELODIES, or even TOM & JERRY anymore. They knew what they were doing back then. Most Loony Toons and Merry Melodies episodes were createdin the 1940-50's. And that is when America took pride in what they did. That whole way of thinking is gone.

I loved what Filmation did. The way He-Man swung his sword from behind his back to crack open those boulders...the jog back before running forward to jump was great too! Even the way he bent down to pick up and throw those boulders. What made them so good? They were REALISTIC! The animation wasflawless. We don't get that anymore. Filmation tapped into something that I think was wonderful. But the only problem with doing something different is that no one likes it! I am sick and tired of this 90's animation. Well,these are all Warner Bros. but look at them anyway...Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, and Spider-Man (on Fox anyway...). That style is getting old! The reason everyone likes BATMAN & ROBIN is that it is a different style! Same with X-Men...Fox is trying different things. I am still fuzzy on this new Spider-Man cartoon. I just don't like the BRIGHT NEON colors. And the acting (if you want to call it that)'s ok...somewhat. That to me is what I really don't like about cartoons nowadays. Look at G.I.JOE & Transformers. They didn't have BRIGHT @$$ colors, and look at how long they lasted on TV...YEARS! They were like the longest running cartoons of our time. Thundercats, Silver Hawks, Voltron, & of course MASK were all good ones too. How long they lasted I can't say. But I for one am just fed up with BRIGHT colors, cheap animation and and poor writing. Now as for the Japanese Cartoons, I love them! They know what they are doing and they know what sells.


=-This Month's Question/-=

This question was submitted by

Do you have any nostalgic He-Man stories? I mean, have you ever waded through a sewer because you saw someone drop a Mer-Man sword? How about that long search for Castle Greyskull? All responses will be printed in the next issue.


[Revamp: Part IV]

For those of you new to the newsletter, Revamp is the story by that he's using to develop a possible new line of He-Man action figures. For more information on this or joining the movement to have the figures re-released, e-mail him... Without further adieu, here's Revamp: Part IV (the second part of Skeletor's origin)!


Hordak was growing impatient with the slow rate of progress being made on the construction of his new fortress. In an attempt to increase production speed, Hordak planned to move his entire army through the portal to the location of his soon-to-be-fortress, the distant continent of Eternia. The failed attempts at capturing the young Randor's kingdom were factors in convincing him that this was a excellent opportunity to raise morale and time to initiate a more powerful wave of attacks.

Hordak's disciple also saw opportunity in this action. He estimated the energy cystals that sustained the portal would be rendered useless after such a mass teleportation and convinced Hordak to stay behind with him to test the alien weapons. Hordak fell for the trap and remained, intending to return to his army after the two of them finished the tests.

They tested a weapon the Horde had dubbed 'the Ray of the Living Death'. The effects of the weapon had previously been too wild and unpredictable to use in battle. Hordak was eager to return to his army, and his disciple argued that he should carry on the tests alone. The portal to the void was opened, and Hordak entered. However, once he was inside, he realized the portal on the other end was shut and the portal through which he entered began to close. The energy crstals must in fact have died, and now the young humanoid's plot was unfolding before the warlord's eyes. Realizing his betrayal, Hordak fired one last shot at his disciple with the Ray of the Living Death. The portal closed shut as the humanoid stumbled to his feet. The ray had struck him in the face, dissolving all flesh and tissue from it. All that remained was his skull, animated by means not known to the angry youth. Despite imprisioning his master in the dimensional void, the disfigured humanoid felt Hordak had gotten the last laugh, leaving him a reminder of the disciple's weakness. He renamed himself Skeletor to mask with fear and dread what to him embodied his weakness.

With rage and determination never expressed by him before, Skeletor returned to the scrolls searching for clues to the power that he believed to remain undiscovered. Strangely he understood them more clearly. This knowledge did not feel like a newly acquired one, but an old, forgotten one returning. As hestudied them deep in the chambers of Snake Mountain, he was watched from theshadows by a unknown being. The seed this stranger planted back in the timeof the Ancients had now begun to bear its fruit...

Next Month: We pick up were the origin of He-Man (Revamp II) left off and see the introduction of the Man-At-Arms.


[Design-Your-Own-Figure Contest]

The winner of the Design-your-own-figure contest is Steve Levich ( with his character 'Thunderbolt'. This is only a thumbnail of the real picture and doesn't really do it justice. The full picture is on Steve's web page, and text-only subscribers can view the thumbnail at

Here's Steve's description of Thunderbolt:

"Now THUNDER-BOLT is the supreme of all Masters Of The Universe characters. He possesses these CHARACTERISTICS...




[Buying, Selling, Trading]

I've cleared out the old ads for this issue... If you'd like to place an ad in here, e-mail me at It'll run for 1 issue... If you want it to run longer than that, just re-submit it... This'll ease the workload on my end immensely. Thanks!


WTB: Sorceress figure---loose is fine. E-mail

FS: He-Man figures.


This newsletter is not intended to violate any copyright laws.

Adam Tyner

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