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Issue 07


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He-Man at Radio City
Casting Call
Laser Light Skeletor
WWW Pages
What Is Orko.jpg?
Getting He-Man Back On TV
Revamp: Part V
He-Man Memories
Buying, Selling, Trading


This issue's a little early, but I'm going on vacation in July and wanted to send something off before I leave.

I really need some submissions...stories, pictures, sounds, drawings... Please e-mail them or any comments or suggestions to me at I may or may not have e-mail access while I'm on vacation, so it might take me quite a while to respond...




[He-Man At Radio City] told me an interesting story about the time when he went to see the He-Man and She-Ra stage show at the Radio City Music Hall...

He-Man and The Thespians of the Universe!

Back when I was just a little He-Man fan, my parents took my to the He-Man/She-Ra stage show at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Judging by the characters that appeared it, the show must have been somewhere around 1987. He-Man and She-Ra (with the aid of Orko and Clamp-Champ) did battle against the combined might of Skeletor, Ninjor, and Hordak. There were other characters in it, but my memory of this show has long since faded.

Some things do stick out, like the Greyskull replica that was on stage. Basically the characters fought, then decided to have a rollerskating war (I'm not making this up, people!), and then some cheap stage magic followed. I was exceptionally happy because the original He-Man was on sale in the lobby, andafter six years of collecting, I still had not gotten him. I wish that I had saved the program. It would have been interesting to see these many years later. Oh, and by the way, I was very disappointed that Orko won the skating war. Skeletor could outskate that twerp any day of the week!


[Casting Call] was wondering that if a sequel to "Masters of the Universe" is ever made, who should play the roles.

Here are some of his suggestions:

*Orko: Computer generated body, voice of Christine Cavanaugh or Kath Soucie.

*Two Bad: His body, along with all of the other strange looking characters,would be computer generated. How about having Mike Judge, the voice of both Beavis and Butt-Head, render his vocal talents (or lack thereof) as the voice of the two-headed idiot?

*Bow: We need somebody thin who has a moustache, so how about Cary Elwes (Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Princess Bride)?

*Perfuma: This would be a minor role. We need someone who's blonde and annoying. I think that Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly of Power Rangers) would fitthe bill.

Do you have any other ideas? E-mail me 'em at


[Laser Light Skeletor]

A while back an observant fan noticed listings in a price guide for figures he had never heard of. I learned a little more about these figures, Laser Light Skeletor and Laser Light He-Man, after a guy in France e-mailed me this:


I live in France, and I own a Laser Light Skeletor (still not open). It looks like our dear old Skeletor. When your move his right arm up, the eyes, his fist, and his magic stick light on (red).

I have seen the laser light He-Man. It works the same way, but just his saber (quite ugly, I must say) light on (yellow green).


[WWW Pages]


=-Other Web Resources/-=
(In Chronological Order As Far As I Know)

*Kevin Hebert's Page:
An extremely nostalgic page about the action figures! It was the first He-Man page on the WWW!!!

*My He-Man Page:
Info on about everything in the world of He-Man...under perpetual construction. BTW, there is some great stuff that's going to be happening on my web page soon. ;> I added a bunch of action figure stuff recently, including a collectors' guide!

*Ayaz Asif's Page:
A great place to get pictures from the cartoon series! He also has pages of tons of other '80s cartoons too!

*Jaye's She-Ra Page:
The first She-Ra page on the WWW! The sister page to mine...

*Erik Christianson's Page:
A great place to go for WAVs from the series, plus a few other things. Erik's going to move it to another server, where he gets unlimited space and can do a lot more very soon! Definitely something to look forward to! He also made the cool MIDI file on the He-Fans archives.
*Dave Singleton's Page:
A page that's currently under construction. A few pictures from my archives too.

*The He-Fans Archives:
The place to go if you want to read back issues of the newsletters or get the attachments that came with 'em. For Internet Explorer users, you can listen to a MIDI by Erik Christianson in the background!

*Steve Levich's Page:
A page that Steve's been working on since December. There are too many features to list here... Pictures, sounds, games... A great page!!! His pages have been totally redone, and he's thinking about forming a Battle Cat fan club.

*Lady Firestorm ( is working on a She-Ra page too! It's still under construction, but in August look for pictures, sounds, and other great stuff! Go to for the preview.

*Jeremy Clos also has a page called 'Castle Greyskull' under construction at

*Yahoo!'s He-Man Related Directories:


=-New Pages/-=

Want info on the original He-Man movie? Check out: isn't new, but I didn't list it before.)


=-In The Works/-=

Busta Toons ( is working on a fantastic page! His page is going to include a massive episode guide, text stories from the British annuals, pictures, and loads of other information! Busta is a major fan who's contributed greatly to my He-Man web pages, and this is going to be *the* page to look out for.

Bony Fiend ( is working on a page with an episode guide, pictures, sound files, and other He-Man information.

David Karig (, a big Skeletor fan, is working on a page devoted to him that should be up soon...


[What Is Orko.jpg?]

Orko.jpg is a scanned drawing I made a few months ago. Since it was scanned with a handheld scanner, the proportions are a little messed up (plus I made the arms *way* too long)... Well, I'd love to know what you think, so please e-mail me at If you have any drawings, sketches, or anything else you think would be great to include with the newsletter, e-mail them to me as well. Thanks!

BTW, people who only get the text-only newsletter can see it at


[Getting He-Man Back On TV]

I've started e-mailing some more cable companies in an attempt to get He-Man back on TV.

The Cartoon Network ( told me that they'd pass the suggestion along... I e-mailed them at another address (, and I'm still awaiting a response.

The Sci-Fi Channel ( replied with this message:

Right now, no. We're not presently looking to pick up any cartoon series so seeing He-Man on Sci-Fi in the near future is pretty unlikely. I've seen a lot of old Filmation stuff on Cartoon Network. I'm surprised that they haven't picked up He-Man and She-Ra.

WGN ( also told me that there's no chance of He-Man being added to their line-up.

I also e-mailed USA (, and they don't have a way to get in touch with the programming department at this time.

I'll keep you updated on anything that happens!


[Revamp Part V]

Here's the next installment of Revamp by


Hours ago, the young Prince Adam came across a strange castle.In the short time he was there, he learned his destiny and was given a purposein life. He was given access to a power others couldn't even fathom through thesimple weapon of a sword. That was hours ago, and this is now. He must nowanswerto his absence in his father's court. Above him sat his mother and father, theQueen and King of these lands. The feeling of emptiness echoed throught the room. "Adam, look at you. You must not exert yourself so. You are not well," pleaded his mother. Adam realized that the transformation to He-Man and back had put a considerable strain on his body. This had outraged King Randor. "My bloodline is not weak! He is merely lazy and unable to accept his responsibilities as prince!" Randorcontinued his speech on how he was ruling the kingdom when he was not much olderthan Adam after what happened to his father and brother. Meanwhile, Adam hadslipped his sword case around to the front of his chest to grip the handle ofthe power sword. However the cold metal offered him no comfort. He wanted totell his father that of all Eternia, he was chosen to lead the world to a newage, but remembered the Sorceress' wish for him to tell no one. The frustrationbuilt up inside him until he was sent away. Through the corridors he raced untilhe reached a workshop. While broken weapons of need of repair sat idle on thetables, a middle aged man sat examining one of his mechanical relics. Adam calledto him in the only name he knew this friend by: his royal title, Man-at-Arms.Wasting no time, the boy started to rattle off all he had learned, beginningwith the Ancients. Man-At-Arms, after studing old machines found through outthe land, believed that a past civilazation did inhabit the planet, but he tookthe story lightly. Then Adam mentioned the bird Zoar. This caused Man-at-Armsto become a little uneasy and more receptive to what he was saying. To furthererase all doubt, Adam drew his sword and called for the power...

"There appears to be nothing mechanical about the sword", said Man-at-Arms to Adam. "But if this is all true, why must you use the power to bring about a new kingdom? (Adam corrected him that it was an old kingdom). Why not use the power to improve what we have here." Adam was upset his friend was finding fault in his purpose. The two did agree, however, that if the secondhalf of this sword did exist, it should be found so it could be kept out of the hands of those who would use it for evil. Adam and Man-at-Arms set out with hissaber cat Cringer to obtain the sword.

Meanwhile, on the far outskirts of the mountainous region, two figures stoodon top of a cliff bathed in clouds. The dark figure sharply contrasted against the blue skue. The other gave of a dim, red glow and raised his arm,pointing to a distant cliff. "It is there. Now once again the scales have been balanced." The dark figure turned to his companion to find him gone.

Next up: He-Man and Skeletor meet, and Stratos is introduced!


[Buying, Selling, Trading]

WTB: Faker, all He-Man and Skeletor figures, Hurricane Hordak, Rotar, Screech, Stridor. Please e-mail

WTB: Loose but complete figures and/or carded figures. E-mail:

FS: Various figures, both loose and MOC. there's a list at:


[He-Man Memories]
by The Rachel with no extraordinary super powers (

Here's my fondest He-Man memory. When I was in 2nd grade, a group of my friends were over at my house. We were all sitting in front of the TV watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and telling stupid jokes ("Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?"...) One of the boys who was over was my "boyfriend"...well, as much as you can have a boyfriend in the second grade. His older brothers were there...they were really old, like in middle school! During He-Man they dared him to kiss me...and he did. So my first kiss was during an episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. And that is my nostalgic He-Man memory.


by Adam Tyner


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