The Scrolls of Grayskull
Issue 08


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[Trading Post]
[WWW Pages]
[What Is Laid.jpg?]
[He-Man's Inspiration?]
[He-Man In Dubai?]
[Ways To Get Figures---The Black Market?]
[Rare Figures]
[Question Of The Month]
[Casting Call]
[Buying, Selling, Trading]


As people who have been subscribers for a while know, there's been a massive delay between this issue and the last... After I got back from vacation, I went straight to college and went a while without Internet access at all! :< But at long last, the newsletter is finished, and I hope everyone thinks the timespent is worth it. :>

This issue is very special for me for one reason in particular...I figured out how to send it off without tons of addresses in the headers! :> That's great news for everyone, considering that around 75 people have signed up since I've been away...!

A lot of this issue is based on e-mails I've received. In order for the newsletter to survive, I need those e-mails to keep coming... Please send any questions, comments, answers, suggestions, or whatnot to me at Thanks!

BTW, I'm sorry for the lack of a Revamp chapter this issue. I've been without access for such a long time that I haven't been able to really get in touch with<

-Adam Tyner


[Trading Post]

I've gotten a lot of requests for a way for people to trade video tapes and action figures... Well, here it is!

It's set up in a bulletin board like manner, like my original newslet (which has been moved to

I think it'll be a great resource for everyone interested in expanding their collections!


[WWW Pages]

*Kevin Hebert's Page:
This extremely nostalgic page about the action figures was the first He-Man page on the WWW!!!

*My He-Man Page:
Info on about everything in the world of He-Man...under perpetual construction.
A lot has been added since I've gotten back. Check out the new pictures, the page where you can contact cable companies, and the new trading page!

*Ayaz Asif's Page:
A great place to get pictures from the cartoon series! He also has pages of tons of other '80s cartoons too!

*Jaye's She-Ra Page:
The first She-Ra page on the WWW! The sister page to mine... This is the only page with She-Ra fan art and vid caps (from Busta Toon, who also provided all of my vid caps...)! [Please note the new URL.]

*Erik Christianson's Page:
If you're looking for some original WAV files (including one from 'The Diamond Ray of Disappearance', the first episode!), be sure to check out Erik's page. It's going to move to a new server soon, and when he does, it'll be changed massively! Erik also made the cool MIDI file on the He-Fans archives.

*Dave Singleton's Page:
Although this page is under construction, you can still find some pictures from my graphics archive on here!

*The He-Fans Archives:
This is where I keep all the back issues of the newsletter and the attachments that come with them! For Internet Explorer users, you can listen to Erik Christianson's He-Man MIDI file play in the background!

*Steve Levich's Page:
There are too many features to list here... Pictures, sounds, games... A great page!!! His pages have been totally redone, and he's thinking about forming a Battle Cat fan club! Steve's page was rated 3 out of 4 stars from Excite! ( Way to go, Steve!

*Lady Firestorm ( also has a She-Ra page! It's still under construction, but look for pictures, sounds, and other great stuff very soon! Go to for the preview.

*Jeremy Clos also has a page called 'Castle Greyskull' under construction at that puts you inside Eternia.

*The Internet Movie Database has some information on the Masters of the Universe movie at

*Yahoo!'s He-Man Related Directories:


=-New Pages/-=

*He-Man icons!!!

*A column about He-Man from t@p online!

*The web page for a former Mattel employee who worked on He-Man:

*A really weird piece of fan fic!


=-In The Works/-=

Busta Toons ( is working on a fantastic page! His page is going to include a massive episode guide, text stories from the British annuals, pictures, and loads of other information! Busta just sent me 3 more pages worth of pictures and info. This is going to be a fantastic page when it's put up!

Bony Fiend ( is working on a page with an episode guide, pictures, sound files, and other He-Man information.

David Karig ( a big Skeletor fan that's working on a page devoted to him that should be up one of these days... :>


If you have a He-Man related web page, e-mail me the URL and I'll put it in the next issue!


[What is Laid.jpg?]

Laid.jpg is a pencil sketch of a laid-back He-Man by Busta Toons ( that he made earlier this year. It's part of the fan arts page he and his friend PlaiBoi put together (

The art style and He-Man's pose is great, so I thought I'd send it out with this newsletter.

Jason Short ( was generous enough to put this picture on his web space, and you can find it at
(Jason's the person who posts all of the He-Man pictures you see on my web pages!)


[He-Man's Inspiration?]

Danny Douglass ( remembers a cartoon that might've inspired He-Man.


For several years now, I've been wondering about this early eighties cartoon that I feel may have inspired He-Man. It dealt with a powerful sword that got separated into two distinct halves. One half was good, and the other halfwas evil. The premise of the show dealt with the war that ensued between the two holders of the swords. If anybody knows the title of this program, PLEASE post a response. I've been wondering for several years. Thanks!


I also posted this on my Q&A page, and I've received several piecesof mail saying that it's 'Blackstarr'. If you can confirm this, please e-mailme. Thanks!


[He-Man In Dubai?]

If the efforts of Shubhankar Maitra ( pay off, the Masters of the Universe will find a new home soon. This letter was sent to me this summer, and I replied with Mattel's address. It's come to my attention that Hallmark owns the rights to the series now, but hopefully a call to Mattel will straighten things out. Here's the letter:


Adam, hi there. Sorry to disturb you, but do you by any chance know who owns the broadcast rights for the He-Man cartoon show? I am looking to acquire them for the East and Mid-East.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Shubhankar Maitra
Animation Art


[Ways To Get Figures---The Black Market?]

Markus Ortiz ( recently told me a way to get figures that I hadn't ever thought of...


"Just a few months ago, I took a trip to Hong Kong, and whilewalking to my hotel room, I saw a guy selling action figures on the street. SinceI collect action figures, I stopped by the place to check it out, and he wasselling He-Man figures like Mer-Man, LockJaw, and many other for only 2 dollarseach. It was the black market though. Just thought you'd like to know."


[Rare Figures] first told me about the rare figures Laser Power He-Man and Laser Light Skeletor a few months ago. He was looking for the figures,and here's a letter I recently got from him:


"I saw the new newsletter and it was great. I noticed you mentioned the description of Laser Power He-Man & Laser-LightSkeletor. Guess what...I just got them!!! I bought them off of a guy in England(andthey are in the packages too). Skeletor looks awesome. He has a cloth hoodand cape with a glowing red hand, eyes, and havok staff. He-Man looks like DolphLundgren and is also pretty cool, but not as cool as Skeletor. Do you need photosof any figures for your web page? Maybe I could try to photograph the ones youneed pictured and mail them to you via snail mail (I don't have a scanner oranything like that).

"Also, the guy told me about two guys which were only released in Italy and Spain. They are 9 inch monster figures. I'm really looking for these so ifyou hear anything let me know. Their names are Titus and Megataur."


I also got a letter regarding a mysterious figure from Russell Fall (

"I have a Masters of the Universe figure you don't have listed,and I can't find any info on him. He is a figure from the original series. Iremember the series coming out when I was in Kindergarten, then stoping for ayear or two, and picking back up. It was in this first series that I rememberseeing the commercial for this figure, but it was only advertised for a brieftime since the series was dismissed for a while. I didn't manage to get the figureat the time, but did get him years later at a garage sale.

"The figure is a green humanoid and has a purple loin garment with a silver belt. He has a pair of dark green hairy boots on and has only three toes. Its right arm has a dark green wrist band like the boots. His left arm though has a mechanical hand and wires that go to his shoulder, which has a metal band on it also. It looks almost human other than its toes, face, and green skin. The head has three horns sticking out of it. One comes out of the top of its forehead and the other two are shaped like goat horns and come out of the sides of his head. It has no hair on its body whatsoever. Its ears are also shaped like a goats under its side horns. It doesn't have a nose---it just has two nostril holes. Its mouth protrudes out, but only a little bit. All its teeth are showing with the mouth slightly open, but no fangs. It has two small round beady eyes with a red dot for the iris and pupils. It also has a yellow dot on its forehead that matches the color of the horns.

"Its head is made of soft plastic so you can squish it, like the rest of the first series. They later used a hard plastic for the heads.

"If you have any idea what the name of this figure is and how much it is worth,it would be much appreciated." also needs info on a rare character. This one wasn't an action figure, but not knowing a name can be nerve-wracking as well.

"There is this character that never had a toy whose name I can'tremember. He only appeared in a He-Man children's book. He was a red goat person,with black horns and everything (kind of devilish). Do you know his name? I mustknow!!!!"


If you have any additional information on these figures or have any photos,please e-mail me at


[Question of the Month] suggested another question of the month. This time:


"Who was the worst character in the He-Man Universe?"

His suggestion: "I cast my vote(s) for those two losers Twistoid and Rotar. I've always found the power to spin very opposing."

Send all of your suggestions to me at!


[Casting Call]

Mike Rehor ( sent me a list of who he thought should be in a hypothetical sequel to theoriginal "Masters of the Universe" series:


"Here is my idea of who I think should be cast in the sequel to'He-Man and The Masters of The Universe'! If you feel that any of the actorsor voice talents should be any different, just e-mail me---Mike Rehor, at theabove given address!

"First of all, we should probably have She-Ra featured in the movie, and I think the perfect actress to play her would be Alicia Silverstone (or if she were unavailble for the part, Nicole Kidman would make a great second selection)!

"Okay, now that we have someone to play She-Ra, let's see who could play Teela! Well, this one is easy---I think it should be Liv Tyler, who was really good in "Stealing Beauty" (or so I've heard)...or if she's busy, maybe Drew Barrymore could play her!

"Now, of course He-Man would once again be played by Dolph Lundgren, but his lines would be written better this time, and he wouldn't sound like such a moron like in the first one!

"Skeletor: Well, I think that Frank Langella did a pretty good job, but I feel that he should be less like Darth Vader and more like the Skeletor in the comic books (not like the cartoon, where Skeletor was a cry baby)!

"Hordak: I feel that the perfect actor to play him would be Jack Nicholson. He was really good as the Joker in the original "Batman," and could probably play the role really well! Maybe instead of Jack Nicholson, the actor to play Hordak could be Val Kilmer! Even better, the other actor who could play the nefarious Hordak could be Arnold Schwartenegger, who would be just the actor to wear a suit of armor...but we'll have to wait and see how he does Mr. Freeze in 'Batman and Robin'!

"Mantenna - I think the perfect actor to play the bumbling assistant to Hordak would be Jim Carrey--the perfect comic-relief for this film! Of course, you would only be able to tell it's Jim Carrey by his voice!

"Okay, the next role we should cover is Evilyn. I think the actress who played her in the first one [Meg Foster] should re-act the role because she made you believe she was the real Evilyn...and she just sounded the way she would speak!

"By the way, one final character we need to cast who would be completely computer done is The Horde Master(Hordak's boss)who's voice could be done by either Tim Curry (Congo, The Shadow, Home Alone 2, Legend) or the brilliant actor Sean Connery (Draco in Dragonheart)!

"Now, of course, we need to talk about the setting of this film! First of all, I think the story should take place in the machinical/magical world of Eternia and not at all on Earth! Next, we have Castle Grayskull. I feel we should show the exterior of the castle this time and not just the interior, which should be changed from the original film! Snake Mountain is the next place they should show. This fortress was totally left out of the film, and the place gives the whole feeling behind Skeletor's persona of evil! And of course, we would also have to show the planet of Etheria which includes: Crystal Castle (the home of She-Ra), Whispering Woods (the place where Bow, Angella, Glimmer, and friends are from), and The Fright Zone---the home of Hordak and The Horde!

"Well, these are my casting ideas for the sequel, and I feel that these actors and actresses would make this movie a hundred times more successful then the first disasterous film (or so the critics say)! By the way, if we want computer animation in the film the best company to do this would be Industrial Light and Magic, who did effects for such films as: 'The Star Wars Trilogy', 'TheMask', 'Stargate', and 'Independence Day'"


Any other ideas? E-mail them to me at!



A few months ago, I wanted to know what He-Man related memories were burned into your minds. David Singleton ( replied with this:


In response to the nostalgic He-Man stories, I was in the car once holding my He-Man sword out the window. I was about 4. The sword flew out, and I made my mom turn around and get it. Also once, after seeing an episode in which He-Man throws his sword across a ravine, I threw my sword at a friend and knocked his tooth out. found an interesting way to pay homage to his favorite cartoons.

"Masters of the Universe by far is the best show ever. I was inlove with it as a kid and still am now. My band does a song I wrote called 'Mastersof The Universe'. It's about He-Man and the whole crew. Onstage we dress up asThunderCats and fight on stage!!! It's crazy."


Here's another interesting story from the Boyle's... (

"When my parents were potty training me, they used Castle Greyskullas a bribe! Just thought I'd share that."


If you have anything interesting to say about He-Man and don'tmind a couple hundred people reading it, please e-mail me! My address is listedaround 63 times in this issue... :>


[Buying, Selling, Trading]

While I've noticed this section is mostly used for the action figures, I'd love to see ads for people who want to trade episodes of the series! If you want to place an ad (for free, course), e-mail me at



Gregory Fam ( is looking for these figures: Thunderpunch He-man, Buzzsaw Hordak, Webstor


Numerous figures and accessories: E-mail or go to Numerous figures (most are loose and missing accessories) and several vehicles. Prices are very reasonable and trades accepted.


This newsletter was written by Adam Tyner (
If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else, please e-mail me.

This letter is not intended to infringe on any copyrights and is written purelyout of love. :>

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