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#0007 - The greatest story never told...

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2006/03/greatest-story-never-told.html

As development was well underway on the She-Ra series J. Michael Straczynski decided to start creating synopses of the episodes in production. The interesting things about these synopses is that some are different in plot than the final animated episodes, and some have minor differences, such as location changes or character changes. More importantly some of these episodes were never actually made! One of the most notable is "The Heart of Dark Hope." It's not that hard to comprehend why an episode where She-Ra, He-Man AND the Sorceress team-up to save Light Hope (Dark Hope) would be a classic! Read for yourself!

"The Heart of Dark Hope" script page.
"The Heart of Dark Hope" script page.

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