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#0019 - A letter from Skeletor...

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2006/05/letter-from-skeletor.html

One of those little scenes that can be easily overlooked occurs in He-Man's "A Beastly Sideshow" episode. Skeletor and his warriors kidnap Cringer and hold him at Snake Mountain. As we all know Skeletor is evil, former pupil of Hordak, former member of the Evil Horde, the Lord of Destruction, and yet even he will take some time out to pen a little ransom letter to Prince Adam! I find it highly amusing that an evil villain, capable of magic, would sit down and write a letter to his enemy! I love the end part of the letter too, "IF YOU DARE!"

Orko holds a letter from Skeletor.
Orko holds a letter from Skeletor.

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