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#0037 - Heroes of Mondor.

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2006/10/heroes-of-mondor.html

"The Mines of Mondor" is one of my favorite She-Ra episodes; a breath of fresh air. Granted, it's just a rescue plot, but it's executed so much better than most of the others. The background artists were given new locations to paint, finally breaking away from the Whispering Woods and the Fright Zone! Some of the images in this episode are incredibly memorable, and below I present to you one of those very images. Very rarely does a shot look so beautiful; the heroes looking across Kyrtis' landscape as the breeze gently brushes against them. And yes, Filmation animated the hair and the capes!

She-Ra and her allies examine the landscape of Kyrtis.
She-Ra and her allies examine the landscape of Kyrtis.

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