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#0158 - Debut of the Collector.

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2006/08/birthday-blog-8-debut-of-collector.html

The season one He-Man episode "Colossor Awakes" features a wonderful panning shot within the first minute showcasing not only Skeletor's newest ship the Collector, but also the laboratory located in Snake Mountain that we never saw enough of during the series. Skeletor's Collector is a sight that would become familiar to the entire audience throughout the series. This episode marks the first appearance of the ship, Skeletor indicating that he built it himself. Take note that the Collector, while a staple of the cartoon series, was never made into a toy because it was Filmation's idea, rather than Mattel's. In this episode the Collector proves to be an extremely powerful ship, but throughout the remainder of the series it would be just another form of transportation for Skeletor and his Evil Warriors!

The Collector sits in the Snake Mountain laboratory.
The Collector sits in the Snake Mountain laboratory.

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