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#0161 - Skeletor's Christmas Cast!

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2006/08/skeletors-christmas-cast.html

"A Christmas Special" started off superbly, Etherians on Eternia, Orko in danger, He-Man rushing to save the day with She-Ra not far behind. So how did it all go so very wrong? One of the finer moments of the first few minutes occurs when we are treated to an interior shot of the Collector with Skeletor's band of Evil Warriors. However on this occasion we get possibly one of the most interesting collections of Evil Warriors ever witnessed! First off we have season two He-Man villain Webstor, and even though he is silent in this appearance it is nice to see his return to the screen. The appearance of Rattlor is very surprising as we last saw him in the She-Ra series as a member of the Horde. Finally we have the two villains from the latter half of season two; Spikor and Two Bad, who only appeared together very briefly in one episode. This panning shot shows just how colorful this collection of Evil Warriors is! But Rattlor; it is odd how we are expected to accept that the guy sitting in-between longtime Skeletor warriors Webstor and Spikor has always been one of the Evil Warriors! Then again the Snake Men had a rough time with regards to continuity in the He-Man and She-Ra series, and that is something I will discuss very soon...

Skeletor watches over Webstor, Rattlor, Spikor, and Two Bad.
Skeletor watches over Webstor, Rattlor, Spikor, and Two Bad.

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