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#0166 - Evil Personified!

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2006/09/evil-personified.html

As I said before in a previous Blog entry "A Christmas Special" started off superbly, Etherians on Eternia, Orko in danger, He-Man rushing to save the day with She-Ra not far behind. So how did it all go so very wrong? Well there a few minor instances halfway through, but the biggest has to be the worst characters ever to grace our screen; the Manchines! Truly these characters are the very personification of evil! Forget the Spirit of Evil in "Wizard of Stone Mountain" these are the most evil beings in the universe. In a mythos filled with Trollans, Widgets, Twiggets and Bibbets, I feel that the Manchines made those previous characters feel hard-edged! The Manchines were just too silly, and for some reason I feel even more offended when He-Man and She-Ra actually acknowledge them...

The Manchines prepare for action.
The Manchines prepare for action.

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