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#0245 - The famous pan of Trolla.

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2006/09/famous-pan-of-trolla.html

In Robby London's script for "Dawn of Dragoon" he describes Trolla as a "colorful and charming fairy tale world with rolling hills and brightly colored flowers abounding." This panning shot would be the first time we ever saw Orko's home planet of Trolla, and this would become the most familiar image throughout the series. The house on the far right would eventually be used as Montork's house in the season two episode "Trouble in Trolla", though at the time of "Dawn of Dragoon" this was definitely not a thought that entered the artist's head. What I love about Trolla is that, like Eternia, it has many strange plants and structures, and yet somehow makes them even weirder! The most amusing thing about this image are the very questionable phallic-like objects...

Orko and Dree Elle arrive on Trolla.
Orko and Dree Elle arrive on Trolla.

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