Busta Toons' Blog! (#0201 - #0300)
#0254 - Red and white Broom!

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2007/05/red-and-white-broom.html

Poor old Broom really does go through the wars, often ending up on the receiving end of Madame Razz's experimental spells! Previously I showed how he was transformed into a mushroom by Madame Razz in the Ladybird book "Shadow Weaver's Magic Mirror". This time in another Ladybird book "She-Ra and the Golden Goose" Broom is transformed into a red and white version of himself by Madame Razz once again...

Broom is colored red and white by Madame Razz.
Broom is colored red and white by Madame Razz.

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