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#0296 - She-Ra's throne.

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2009/01/she-ras-throne.html

"She-Ra and the Golden Goose" is one of few Ladybird books that Robin Davies did not illustrate, and it shows! Artist Glenn Steward is not a bad artist by any means, but the dramatic shift in style is noticeable. Whereas Robin Davies' artwork could be appreciated by boys as it was action-based, Glenn Steward's style appears to target girls only! Of course this may have been a conscious decision by the people at Ladybird books. This interesting illustration shows She-Ra in the Crystal Castle with all her friends around her. This illustration of course follows the toy line, but it does look like the characters have all gathered in honor of She-Ra. It is nice to see the later characters Peekablue, Fluttertina and Sweet Bee...

She-Ra sits upon a throne surrounded by her friends.
She-Ra sits upon a throne surrounded by her friends.

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