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#0328 - Throw the villain #3

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2009/07/throw-villain-3.html

This is the third installment, and hopefully the last, to highlight He-Man's repeated technique of dealing with frontal attacks from the villains of Eternia. We first saw how the most powerful man in the universe dealt with Mer-Man in "Diamond Ray of Disappearance"; then we witnessed He-Man use the same technique to defeat a warrior from Eternia's past. And finally, in the episode "Evil-Lyn's Plot" we see He-Man demonstrate once more his technique for sidestepping an opponent and throwing them into the air; and unfortunately for Mer-Man it is he once again who is the recipient!

Once again He-Man sidesteps Mer-Man’s attack.
Once again He-Man sidesteps Mer-Man's attack.

Once again He-Man throws Mer-Man into the air.
Once again He-Man throws Mer-Man into the air.
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