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#0342 - Dragoon?

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2006/08/dragoon_05.html

You would be forgiven for leaping out of your chair and thinking that Dragoon made an appearance in the She-Ra series, here standing opposite She-Ra and Hordak. This however is the Dark One, the ruler of the Dark Dimension who takes great pleasure in seeing She-Ra and Hordak begrudgingly work together in an effort to escape his maze from the season one episode "Into the Dark Dimension." The Filmation artists used the same Dragoon model for the Dark One! This is one of those occasions where they probably should not have, as Dragoon was a very recognizable one-shot villain from possibly one of the most famous He-Man episodes of the series "Dawn of Dragoon." Even stranger is that the colors on the Dark One are near identical to the ones that Dragoon sported, though they appear to have a slight purple tinge to them. All of this does not spoil "Into the Dark Dimension" one of the best She-Ra episodes of the series!

The Dark One is seen for the first time.
The Dark One is seen for the first time.

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