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#0376 - Tracing a model sheet!

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2007/03/tracing-model-sheet.html

Throughout his time working on numerous episodes of He-Man and She-Ra storyboard artist Don Manuel had obviously seen his fair share of his illustrations translated poorly to screen. The layout department were somewhat to blame for this as they were the ones responsible for looking at the storyboards and visualising how it should conform to Filmation's animation style. In this very interesting panel from the She-Ra season one episode "Horde Prime Takes A Holiday" we can see that Don Manuel was making sure his vision was realised! If you read the text next to the panel you will see that Don writes, "Think we can do this shot without tracing a model sheet this time?" A not so subtle dig at the artists in the layout department! Thankfully they actually followed his instructions and Skeletor looked impressive on screen...

Skeletor stands over Mantenna and Multi-Bot.
Skeletor stands over Mantenna and Multi-Bot.

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