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#0380 - Orko revealed?

by James Eatock: http://bustatoons.blogspot.com/2006/04/orko-revealed_25.html

Did we ever get to see Orko without his hat? "Dawn of Dragoon" presents us with a silhouette of what our favorite Trollan's head is shaped like, but not one episode in the series reveals Orko's face to us. However in the episode "Betrayal of Stratos", whilst trying to escape Whiplash's snake-like creature Orko maneuvers his way along a tree branch and then falls off. During one of the frames where he falls off we can see Orko without his hat! Unfortunately all we get to see is that his head is black and his ears are blue; we know this is not the way Orko looks. It appears that the animator is basing the design on the Orko toy with the removable hat.

Falling from a branch Orko loses his hat.
Falling from a branch Orko loses his hat.

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