The Scrolls of Grayskull
Issue 02

The Scrolls of Grayskull: Issue 2

[Table of Contents]

1) Introduction (Please Read)
2) What is SGC2C.JPG?
3) He-Man Web sites
4) Re-releasing of action figures?
5) Sound files
5) Chatting about He-Man On-Line

***Introduction (Please Read)***
This is the second edition of the He-Fans newsletter that you signed up for or someone else signed you up for at If you'd like to un-subscribe to this newsletter, please e-mail me.

I've also modified the He-Fans page a bit. If you're interested in updating your listing, please mark the option for updating.

I'd really appreciate it if you would please tell me what you think about the newsletter. I didn't get much of a response from the last issue. Also, send me any funny He-Man pictures, sounds, or anything else at all youhave, you've made, or can make!!! I'd love to use it...especially fan fiction!!! Does anyone else think a continuing story would be neat? Btw, I'm working on a He-Man .RTS file for Duke Nukem 3-D (and Rise of the Triad). If you have any sounds you'd like to contribute or anything, that'd be great!

Any suggestions for future newsletters would also be fantastic!

Thanks a lot,

-Adam Tyner

***What is SGC2C.JPG?***

Prince Adam on Space Ghost Coast to Coast?

One of my favorite TV shows is SGC2C, and I thought it would be funny to putPrince Adam on it. Here's how I made it:

I got a GIF from and raised the palette to 16.7m colors. Then I used the lasso tool in Paint Shop Pro to take place a JPG I have on my He-Man Gallery Page and placed it over the TV set on the picture. Then I tried to fill in the spaces and didn't do that great of a job...

Oh well...I think it looks pretty nice...hopefully you do too. Since it's a JPEG, it looks best in hi-color.

Please e-mail me any funny He-Man pictures you've made...I'll send them out with the newsletter for all of the He-Fans to see! I got this idea from Lev Kowman (I think that's how it's spelled), who makes Legion of Super Hero pictures every week with Photoshop.

***He-Man Web Sites***
There are several *new* He-Man sites up now! All of them are under major construction, but they're still worth taking a look at!

The third He-Man site to debut (known as the Great Cartoons page---I lost the URL for this a while ago, but recently found it again) can be found at This is a cool page by Ayaz Asif ( and has tons of He-Man pictures. Not only that, there's stuff from Silverhawks, MASK, Thundercats, and many other great cartoons!

Another site is by Erik Christianson ( His page is still under massive construction, but it is still worth a visit. There are a couple of WAV files available, and there will be information on links, videos, and collectibles. There will also be lots of pictures. Give it atry at

Here's a new one that's under major construction: The author of this page, Dave Singleton, can be reached at is also working on a page that will feature lots of pictures and several sound files. I've also been asked to tell all of you that he has top-secret photos... ;) He's already reached 3.5 megs of space with all of the stuff he has for the page. It hasn't been posted yet, buthopefully it will be soon...

Here are the pages listed in the previous newsletter:

Kevin Hebert's He-Man Page:

My He-Man Page:

The She-Ra Page:

***Re-releasing of action figures?***
I recently got this message in my in-box:

I have plans to revamp the entire He-Man line for Mattel in the future. It would stick somewhat to the original stories, but explore the many back stories. These include the Sorceress' secret motives, Adam's feelingstowards his father and Teela, and what lead Skeletor to act the way he did.

Like you, Adam, I was a He-man freak as a kid. I had nearly every figure and playset up until its final days. Foolishly I sold almost all of my He-Man memoribilia to a friend of the family whose kid expressed interest in the toys to make a quick buck. About a year after I sold my toys to those people the mother of the the family made an interesting point that obviously made an impression on me. She said that Mattel should re-release He-Man toys. It turns out many of the neighborhood kids had taken a liking to these old toys. Years later when I found a He-Man story book I though it might be fun to create the world of Eternia anew and introduce it to a new generation of kids. Unlike the first attempt to revitalize He-Man I stuck to the the orginal settings and characters. I established a list of the characters from a toy price guide and in a matter of a couple days ofpicking at it here and there I had a list of characters and the different takes I had on them. I worked into the characters a rich history with good characterization, some old and some new. Perhaps you, a master of He-Man mythos would be interested in assisting me. I'm bursting with ideas. Send me some of yours. As for art, I'm a pretty good artist and have some concepts that I'll scan in sooner or later.

If you have any ideas or questions, please e-mail

***Sound files***
Here are the URLs for some He-Man sound files:

The theme song (courtesy of the Great Cartoons page)

Sounds courtesy of the NEW He-Man page by Erik Christianson:

Skeletor (I believe it's from the episode "Like Father, Like Daughter")

One of the In-between scenes sounds:

To get an AU player, try searching for your system.I have a list of players on my He-Man Links page (

To unzip the ZIP files, try Stuffit Expander, an all-purpose unzipping tool for both IBMs and Macs. Both programs can be found at

To anyone who likes making MIDI files: I'd love it if you could make MIDIs of the He-Man music that's regularly played every episode.

***Chatting about He-Man On-Line***

I try to get on #he-man to look for people as often as I can. It's been pretty slow so far, but hopefully things will pick up soon. It seems that everyone that comes to #he-man doesn't realize that it's for the cartoon...

You need to be on EFNet...try at port 6667.

Pow Wow:

Pow Wow is like IRC, only better! It's available for Windows users only though. Go to to download a copy. If you use Pow Wow,*please* e-mail me! I'd like to set up a He-Man "tribe", but I need to know when we can set our conferences (dates, times, etc.).

by Adam Tyner

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