The Scrolls of Grayskull
Issue 03

The Scrolls of Grayskull: Issue 3

[Table of Contents]

1) Introduction
2) Names for the newsletter
3) What is HEMAN3.WAV?
4) Buying, Selling, and Trading
5) Web Sites
6) "Revamp" by
7) He-Man on Pow Wow (please read, Pow Wow users!)
8) The He-Man Not-Quite-A-FAQ
9) The He-Fans Archive


This is the third issue of the He-Fans newsletter! If you no longer wish to subscribe to this newsletter, go to (The official page for the He-Fans) and unsubscribe. You can also go there to revise your entry on the He-Fans list.

It seemed that there was a bit of a problem sending out the newsletter last time. I found out what was wrong and it's been corrected. A couple of the He-Fans and I are looking into creating a real mailing list so stuff like this won't happen again. I'd like to thank everyone who responded to my e-mail and told me that they got the newsletter alright.

I'm going to try and send the newsletter out a little more regularly as well. Please submit ANYTHING (stories you've written, sounds, pictures, ASCII art, etc.) that you think other "He-Fans" would enjoy. Please tell me what you think about the He-Fans newsletter and what I should change/include/remove/whatever. I got back a lot of positive responses when I sent out the "Did you get the newsletter" e-mail, but not much aside from that...

***Names for the newsletter***

Here's a name suggested for the newsletter:

Matthew Karpowich ( "Messages for Greyskull"

If you have any name suggestions, please send them to me. I may put it to a vote, which would be time-consuming and pain-staking on my part...or I could just decide on my own. :) In any event, let's get a few more suggestions in...

***What is HEMAN3.WAV?***

HEMAN3.WAV is a sound file of Orko before the commercial break on the cartoon and is available on America Online. and both sent it to me. Thanks guys! BTW, that's the original name of the's just a coincidence that it's being sent along with the third issue of the newsletter. :)

This file is also available on the new He-Fans archives at

Other WAV files would be appreciated for a He-Man Remote Ridicule file I'm making for Duke Nukem 3-D.

***Buying, Selling, Trading***

Disclaimer: I've been asked to include this section in the newsletter. While I don't think it's a bad idea, it is possible that some people may abuse it. If that happens, I'll take it out.

WTB: He-Man cartoons. Send information to

***Web Sites***

If you've made a web site or are working on one and would like it included, please mail me the URL or whatever information you'd like me to include.

Kevin Hebert's Page:
My He-Man Page:
Ayaz Asif's Page:
Erik Christianson's Page:
Dave Singleton's Page:
She-Ra (new URL):

In The Works:

A page by with a lot of pictures. He sent me a 3-D rendering of the Attack Trak which looks great! Looks like this page will be something to look forward to... He's going to try and have it up by the end of this week.

Another page is being made by David Karig ( It'll focus mainly on Skeletor. David also says he'll "probably...include Scareglow and Hordak too since they screwed up his popularity." He's including a drawing of Skeletor that he made as well. Since I'm helping him write the page, it'll be fantastic. :)

Matt ( is another He-Fan who has a lot of photos and other interesting things for a webpage. Although the information on He-Man isn't up yet, it'll be on pretty soon.

***"Revamp" by***

Here's the first of the fan fiction. Thanks RunJT!

Eternia: Beneath what appears to be a thriving medieval society liesfascinating technology and whispers of a world that was....and very well may be again.

History: Hundreds of years ago on Eternia, an enigmatic group known only as the Ancients presided over a perfect society with highly developed technology and a great understanding of the cosmic forces. A time traveler from the future warned the Ancients of a coming war that would destroy them. In an act that can be looked on as a selfless way of preserving themselves or as a safeguard for the future generations, the Ancients transformed their palace into Greyskull, and their very knowledge and life essences were locked within. A guardian was placed to watch the castle and the sword that would unlock it. Eternia's people were forced to fend for themselves against the coming evil that would wipe out the world as they knew it. After the great war, a new civilization came up from the ashes, one that had forgotten of Eternia's past glory. Several groups thrived in the new world, the humans being but some of the most sucsessful. But Greyskull remained holding secrets of a power long forgotten...

More will follow, including the origins of He-Man, Skeletor, and more keyplayers from Eternia's past and present.

***He-Man on Pow Wow***

I found a place that'll put a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe tribe up, but they need to know when we should meet. It doesn't matter to me what days and what times the meetings take place, but I need to know ASAP. I want to get this up!


BTW, For more information on Pow Wow, a great freeware communication program, go to

***The He-Man Not-Quite-A-FAQ***

Even though it may look as if the He-Man Not-Quite-A-FAQ on my page has disappeared, it's alive and well at I forgot to link to it when I was altering my pages. Sorry!

***The He-Fans Archives***

For those of you new to the He-Fans, you may be interested in the He-Fans archives, where I keep old newsletters and the attachments that go along with them. I've converted the newsletters to HTML too.

The URL is:

by Adam Tyner

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