The Scrolls of Grayskull
Issue 04

The Scrolls of Grayskull: Issue 4


[Table of Contents]


1) Introduction
2) Name Suggestions
3) Buying, Selling, Trading
4) Revamp by Part 2
5) Web Sites
6) What is ATTACK.JPG?
7) He-Fans On-Line
9) Overpower

This is the fourth issue of the He-Fans newsletter... I've gotten a lot of suggestions in for names. Yes, next issue may actually have a real name!!!

Unsubscribe or change any information on the He-Fans page at Hopefully we'll have a listserv to make this easier...

I'd appreciate submissions for the newsletter, including pictures, sounds, and fan fiction. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

BTW, Yahoo, after quite a few months, finally added my page to their database!!!

Since a lot of people use Yahoo exclusively (I use Alta Vista if anyone cares), that means a lot more people will end up going to my page! If you have a He-Man page, you may want to submit it too...

Oh, and my He-Man pages have been updated if you're interested.

***Name Suggestions***

Here's a complete list of all of the name suggestions I've gotten for the newsletter so far:

Matthew Karpowich (
Messages from Greyskull

Rick Blackburn (
Sword and Quill

Paul Wehby (pwehby@indy1.CALARTS.EDU):
The Scrolls of Greyskull

Lord K (Krcil, Michael S.) (
Point Dread Prophecies
Prince Adam's Court

Matt Oates (
News From Eternia
The Eternia Times

So, what do all of you think?

***Buying, Selling, Trading***
Disclaimer: I (Adam Tyner) am not responsible for any claims made in this section. Just covering my butt in case someone tries to sue me...

WTB: He-Man cartoons. Send information to

WTB: Any He-Man memorabilia (figures, curtains, posters, playing cards, etc.). Original packaging preferred, but not mandatory. E-mail

WTB: These figures: Sorceress, Scare Glow, Horde Trooper, King Randor, Sssqueeze, Snake Face, Tung Lashor, Twistoid, Blaster Hawk, that Dragon Fly thing. E-mail if you want to sell any of these...

***Revamp by Part 2***

I received a lot of positive responses regarding Revamp: Part 1. I bugged RunJT until he wrote up the second part. Thanks! Oh, and if you're new to this, go to the archive page (listed elsewhere) and read newsletter #3. Keep in mind that this is a revised version of He-Man's history...

Here is some basic character info on Prince Adam and the Sorceress, including their origins. Enjoy!

Sorceress: The woman given the great responsibility by the Ancients to bekeeper to Castle Greyskull and the guiding hand to bring back the "golden age" of Eternia. To make certain she would never abandon her post at Greyskull, she is cursed to transform into the falcon Zoar when ever she leaves the castle.

Prince Adam: A boy whose courage and spirit are imprisoned by his frail andunskilled body. He is eager to prove himself to his father, the king, whoviews him as an unworthy successor. He is also unable to express his true feelings of love to his childhood friend Teela. In an attempt to impress Teela and earn the respect of his father, Adam sets out with his pet saber cat to hunt the great bird (Zoar). He follows the magnificent bird to an old castle on the outskirts of the wasteland. Inside, the bird transforms into the Sorceress and opens the drawbridge for Adam. She tells the reluctant boy of Eternia's past and the power hidden deep with the vault of the castle. Adam believes her story only because he has had visions of this as a child. The Sorceress explains that Adam has been chosen for his inner strength to help usher in the new age. He is presented with half of the sword that is the key to the castle and the vault. Adam jumps at the chance because he is offered the power to become a "He-Man" to aid him in his quest to find the other half of the sword. The Sorceress claims that the castle and the story told to him inside the castle must be kept secret to protect Greyskull against evil (and a people that will not so readily give up their kingdom and way of life to return to an old one). Greyskull provides Adam with the physical power he never had; to become society's false impression of greatness. Adam can also change back to his real self when needed. His cat is given mystical armor and they are told the location of the second half of the sword. Adam leaves the castle, a lonely soul with one new complication to his life.

I'll send some Skeletor info next time with some of his history with Hordak.Just a side note: the "new" He-Man will depend more on his wits and ways of dealing with the tortured psyches of his villains than just resorting to strength. When he just bashes things, he feels himself eroding away into justan emptypawn.

***Web Sites***
Kevin Hebert's Page:
My He-Man Page:
Ayaz Asif's Page:
Jaye's She-Ra Page:
Erik Christianson's Page:

A note about Erik's page: He's going to move it to an Australian server soon...He gets unlimited space, so there'll be a whole lot more stuff up soon.

Dave Singleton's Page:
The He-Fans Archive:

NEW: Pages entirely in French! I stumbled upon these by accident...

Les Ma?tres de l'Univers (Musclor)
She-Ra (La soeur de Musclor!)

I even found the theme song in French! (French opening?) (Remix of He-Man chant?)

ANOTHER NEW PAGE: Who's better: He-Man or She-Ra?

Coming soon: (formerly has had some trouble getting his page up...hopefully it'll be around soon enough...

Matt ( is still trying to get his He-Man pictures and info on his page at

David Karig's Skeletor page should be up by the time the next newsletter is sent out. It's at E-mail David at for more info.

If you have a He-Man page or are working on one and want it listed, drop me a line at

***What is ATTACK.JPG?***

This is one of the pictures that will be on the page is currently working on. It's a 3-D Rendered Attack Trak (is that how it's spelled?)! He's interested in knowing what you think, too!

If you have an interesting picture, sound file, or whatever, send them to me at

***He-Fans Online***

Pow Wow:

Pow Wow is a great communications program for Windows. If you use it, please tell me so I can set up times for our tribe meetings. Version 2.1 is the latest version, btw. It's freeware too!


I'm biased towards mIRC, a freeware IRC client, but to get on #he-man, you can use any IRC client and any EFNet server (I prefer If no one's on there, look for He-Man on #mst3k or #weird-al...

You can't really talk to any He-Fans here, but the archive of newsletters and the attachments that go along with them are available at If you're using Internet Explorer for Win95, you'll hear a great MIDI courtesy of Erik Christianson. :)


Woo-hoo! A while back, Wildcard ( sent me an AVI file of the introduction to He-Man. Since then, we've been waiting for LoneWolf to make them available via FTP. It took a while, but HEMAN.AVI is now up! It looks sized down from the one I had originally (the window seems smaller and the quality's gone down a bit), but it's still a must have...

It's something like 5 megs zipped, so it'll take a while to download. Here's the URL:

If you don't have a program that will unzip .ZIP files, go to and download Stuffit Expander for either Windows or Mac. DOS users can get PKUNZIP.EXE almost anywhere... I don't know where any unzip programs are for UNIX, Amiga, or Atari though.

Even though this has nothing to do with He-Man, there's also an AVI of MASK, another one of my favorite cartoons.


If anyone here plays the Overpower card game, you may be interested in what Frank Spaulding's doing! He's working on a collectible card game similar to Overpower with He-Man (and another one with Transformers). E-mail Frank at for more details.

by Adam Tyner


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