Cosplayer of the Month
Dec 2012: Beatrice Buetow as She-Ra


He-Man.Org's official "Cosplayer of the Month" for December 2012 is the lovely and talented Beatrice Buetow. Beatrice makes a spectacular She-Ra! A dedicated Cosplayer, she designed the costume herself to create the look of a true warrior princess!

"...To bring She-Ra to life was like a dream come true! I watched a lot of cartoons in my childhood, but She-Ra was always my favorite. I have been cosplaying since 2009, and I always dreamed of designing her costume. The Filmation cartoon version was great, but I wanted to design a costume that had more of a warrior look to it. I wanted to create something special. I used a corset as a base for the top, and covered it with a layer of leather. The shin guards and the tiara are made of Wonder-Flex. The sword was built by a friend who makes LARP weapons. I am always ready now for a good sword fight!


Costumer: Beatrice Buetow
Models: Beatrice Buetow as She-Ra, Martin Ruffer as Beastman
Photographers: Andreas Kinder, James Eatock 
Editor: Andreas Kinder


Beatrice Buetow as She-Ra
Beatrice Buetow as She-Ra

She-RaShe-RaShe-RaShe-RaShe-RaShe-Ra vs. Beastman!She-Ra
She-RaShe-RaShe-RaShe-RaShe-RaShe-Ra vs. Beastman!She-Ra
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