Busta Toons' Blog! (#0401 - #0500)

Since January 1st 2006 The He-Man and She-Ra Blog! written by James "Busta Toons" Eatock has entertained thousands of fans worldwide. Now, on a regular basis, those very posts will start appearing on! And if you feel the need, discuss the posts in the Busta Toons Blog! thread on the forums. Here are posts #0401 - #0500.

The guardian of Castle Grayskull poses uniquely.
One issue of the UK comic had an interesting take on Light Hope...
He-Man and Battle Cat in action!
They do need oxygen in space every once in a while...
The Evil Warriors attack in force!
Orko and time are a strange thing.
Flutterina and Perfuma have a falling out!
Flutterina and Perfuma work together!
Catra has had better days...
Roboto is entertained by Orko.
This palace guard was more notable than most.
Tri-Klops feels the might of He-Man!
Glimmer pulls an amusing expression...
The Evil Masters of the Universe are mentioned once again.
Orko was called Gorpo...
Buzz-Off and Stratos encounter Grangers!
The Heroic Warriors plan to ruin Skeletor's school!
Bruce Timm works his magic once again...
Mattel's original design influences Filmation.
He-Man and the original Teela prototype...
Skeletor enjoys playing with action figures, too!
He-Man fights toe-to-toe with the Sun Demon...
He-Man figures out how to defeat the Sun Demon!
Peekablue without her feathers.
One of He-Man's greatest feats is a subdued one.
True to its name...
Muscle or beef?
Even Man-E-Faces needs to lay down every once in a while...
What was the connection between these two characters?
Another trick Orko needs to practice.
Beautiful animation showcases Beast Man's appetite!
She-Ra utilizes her sword!
Filmation came close to featuring Point Dread...
Whiplash's master was a pretty scary-looking character.
The Iron Master stomps across the land!
Filmation promote the Princess of Power!
Larry DiTillio's details inspire Robert Lamb's illustration.
He-Man poses with his new power!
Man-At-Arms continues to work these little guys...
Prince Adam's blue jacket is showcased...
Orko locates the Power Blade!
Delora did not look Avionian in the minicomics...
Delora did look Avionian in the Ladybird books...
Catra and Clawdeen attack Spirit!
Skeletor has the upper hand...
One of the most painful-looking collisions in the cartoon!
Prince Adam with the Sword of Power raised aloft.
Prince Adam is awoken by Cringer...
Scrollos is clearly confused.
Stratos witnesses an awesome sight!
Man-At-Arms saves his allies.
A reception committee greets He-Man and Orko!
Hordak arrives!
The end of Castle Grayskull?
Orko solves the mystery!
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