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Commodore 64 - MOTU: The Motion Picture

You need to download the Commodore 64 emulator to play this game.

Cheat to get unlimited lives:
Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC commands before running or restarting the program.

  • POKE 6266,234
  • POKE 6267,234
  • POKE 6228,234
  • SYS 23581


To run these games, you must download an emulator for that system (also available on each game's page). An emulator is a program that makes your computer act like another type of computer (for example, a Commodore 64 or Intellivision). However, making the games work correctly and at the right speed on the emulator is a different problem altogether. We've provided some basic instructions on how to use each, but please, do not e-mail us asking how to use them. We simply don't have enough time to help everyone. Thanks, and enjoy the games!

Title Screen
Title Screen

Screen Shot
Screen Shot
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