ICER's Have List
Item Category Series Year Type
Panosh Place Orko EraserMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1984Loose
Mattel: 5th Anniversary Collectors Case - RedMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1986MOC/MIB
Burger King Cup 3MerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983MOC/MIB
Man-At-Arms McDonalds Week 4MerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Modern 2003MOC/MIB
Hot Wheels Double Vision with Man-At-ArmsMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Modern 2003MOC/MIB
 HE-MAN TALKING TOOTHBRUSHMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1984Loose
He-Man and Skeltor Portable RadioMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983MOC/MIB
Red Vintage Collector CaseMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983MOC/MIB
TV Tray - Teela, He-Man, Orko, & Man-At-ArmsMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983MOC/MIB
Orko McDonalds Week 7MerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Modern 2003MOC/MIB

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