ICER's Have List
Item Category Series Year Type
Chalk Board - He-Man vs. SkeletorMerchandising1983Loose
He-Man Cake PanMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983Loose
Blue Canadian Collecters CaseMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1986Loose
Masters of the Universe Lunch Box (Heroes)MerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983MOC/MIB
Skeletor Clip.OnMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1984Loose
Red Canadian Collectors CaseMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1986Loose
Battle Scene Talking Alarm ClockMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983Loose
MossMan Ink StampMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1985MOC/MIB
Red Vintage Collector CaseMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983Loose
MOTU Lunch Box - Battle Cat vs Land SharkMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983MOC/MIB

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