ninjor 9's Have List
Item Category Series Year Type
Character Crayons - with Sword on forest cardMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1984MOC/MIB
Toothbrush HolderMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1985MOC/MIB
Picture Play LiteMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1985MOC/MIB
 Twin Bed SetMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983Loose
Rub Down TransfersMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1986MOC/MIB
Cardboard BinocularsMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983Loose
Rub n' Play Transfer SetMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1984MOC/MIB
Metal Belt Buckle - He-Man - Black paintMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1984Loose
He-Man Pillow CaseMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983Loose
 Glass - He-ManMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983Loose

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