princessofpower83's Want List
Item Category Series Year Type
Fate is the KillerPublishing1982
 MOTU War and Conquer Giant Card GameGamesMasters of the Universe - Original1983
 She-Ra on Swift Wind in Flight PuzzleGamesPrincess Of Power 1984
She-Ra ComforterMerchandisingPrincess Of Power 1984Loose
She-Ra on Swift Wind PuzzleGamesPrincess Of Power 1984
MOTU Playing CardsGamesMasters of the Universe - Original1984
Colorforms Play SetMerchandisingPrincess Of Power 1984MOC/MIB
She-Ra and Bow on Horses PuzzleGamesPrincess Of Power 1984
She-Ra and Swift Wind
Untitled Variation
She-Ra Shaped Bubble BathMerchandisingPrincess Of Power 1985Loose

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