Hollywood510's Want List
Item Category Series Year Type
3D He-Man Bop BagMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1984Loose
Battle Armor He-Man
Untitled Variation
Battle Armor He-Man
Untitled Variation
He-Man Clip.OnMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1984Loose
He-Man Coin BankMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1983Loose
He-Man Smells TroublePublishingMasters of the Universe - Original1985
I Have the PowerPublishingMasters of the Universe - Original1985
Issue 2: "The Key to Castle Grayskull!"Publishing1983
 Issue 3: "Within these Walls... Armageddon!"Publishing1983
Key ChainsMerchandisingMasters of the Universe - Original1984Loose

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